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Q: Hi 5i, we need to increase our Healthcare allocation.

Currently hold XLV in our non-reg account, and are satisfied with it.

We need to use CA$ funds in our RIF's to increase, and are looking
at HHL, XHC, and LIFE (little unsure with LIFE as their website has faulty info).

We are looking for income plus some growth.

Could you provide some analysis of these 3 options,
and any other suggestions that you might see.

Thanks as always for your assistance. T.
Read Answer Asked by Terrance on December 01, 2023
Q: Would like to get your view on ETFs that use covered call options to enhance returns. As interest rates plateau and eventually begin to fall is there anything 'in general' that we can expect from these ETFs? Will the share price increase, like bonds, to bring yields more inline with expectations or is the share price more influenced by the underlying share prices of the stocks held in the ETFs?
Read Answer Asked by Larry M. on September 18, 2023
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