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Q: AEG seems unusual in terms of its extremely low dividend payment to cash flow ratio, price/book, and other ratios. Its 12% 3 year dividend growth average is very attractive. However, the negative earnings, etc. are concerning. Is this a stock you would buy? Which North American insurers would be more desirable for growth/safety of dividend?
Read Answer Asked by David on September 28, 2023
Q: Hi 5i
I am a little overweight in financials, about 2% each in above Canadian names and about 1% each in US names.

I am underweight real estate / property.

I would like to sell a financial. Probably MFC which essentially has paid me a nice dividend for a few years but hasn't really had a significant gain. Selling would provide a small capital loss that I could use. Certainly recent market downdraft has been a factor.

Would you agree that MFC is the one to sell?

2nd question is which real estate stock(s) or REITS to replace up to 2% of portfolio or simply go to ETF ZRE which is in the income portfolio.
I prefer individual - your favoured 2 or 3 but would definitely consider this ETF w good yield.

Criteria for buy(s) are (for retiree.)
(a) high yield i.e. 4% or more, mainly to replace income from MFC.
(b) low overall long term risk as compared to other REITs and
(c) low to modest growth.

re Reits buy all now or average in over 3 to 6 months?

Please subtract as many credits as you see fit.
Thank you for always helpful advice.
Read Answer Asked by Tulio on October 13, 2022
Q: Peter and His Wonder Team
I am cleaning up the portfolio and have decided to sell one of these stocks. Which of these 2 financial institutions, in your opinion would be a better keep in terms of security and upside. I know these are outside of your scope but I do appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Ernest on March 08, 2022
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