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Q: One year ago I decided to choose 6 reits ( avoiding shopping centers and offices),+ one professionaly managed reit etf (mentionned above) .The final result is that the managed ETF did loose 15% +,and the 6 "amateur chosen" ETF gained more than 15% ,the choice was based on the "basic observation"of a slowing economy and specific individual REIT performances,I did then favour industrial, data centers and some real estate REITs.Is it normal that a professionaly managed ETF could underperform so much versus personal choices and why? I wonder if I should trust actively managed products on the future,considering the fees etc..,instead of just choosing stocks or ETFs in safe sectors according to observable macro-economic tendancies.
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on September 12, 2023
Q: Hi 5i
I'm doing some portfolio clean up based on the assumption that the next 12 to 18 months are going to bring economic doldrums as the economy reacts to interest rate increases which, I think, take a while to filter down to where they effect corporate profits generally and, possibly, to where manufacturing and construction falls off enough to directly affect these names.
I'm thinking about selling DXT, CSW, WJX, LIF, and MREL (all at modest losses but in a registered account so no tax benefit) on the premise that they will not do so well over the next year and will take quite some time thereafter to recover such that there is a significant opportunity cost to holding them. (I was happy enough to hold them for their respective dividends/growth in the before times, but not so much now when growth seems unlikely.)
Could you give me your thoughts on my thesis in general and on how I've applied it to these names - is it sensible to sell them now at quite small losses given what is likely coming for them over the next year or so, when compared to what might be made of the money they are presently tying up if I handle it right.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on January 23, 2023
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