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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Each of MPW and NWH.un seem to be having issues despite their ostensibly strong medical business strategies. Can you recommend medical properties ETF/Landlords who are doing better vis-a-vis growth/dividend?

Read Answer Asked by David on August 21, 2023

Q: Both of these issues have share prices which have taken severe hits recently and at least superficially appear to reflect the worst outcome from known difficulties. The question I would like you to address is; in your opinion and in the absence of new circumstances does the current valuation of each equity fully account for/ discount all the known issues each company faces? i.e. Do the present prices represent a reasonably reliable floor.

Read Answer Asked by Mike on March 30, 2023

Q: Looking at the price performance of this name the decline appears to have started around the time an increase in interest rates was contemplated since when the price has halved and the yield gone from around five to about 10%. Listening to the conference call the recent shortfall appears to have been problems with their Prospect investment, against which management says they should receive some or all of the moneys owing, probably in '23, maybe '24, and that the future for their facilities are buoyant - not that anyone would fault management for championing their business. Over the years, and they have been almost all low rate years, their unit price has not dropped below 10, or 9 if you go back 20 years save for a brief interlude in 09, since which time they have presumably grown.

What has been your experience with other health care REITs and what outlook would you assign to the sector as well as for MPW

Read Answer Asked by Mike on March 01, 2023

Q: What are your thoughts on the respective merits of these firms for an income investor? Do you perceive any superior choices in this space?

Read Answer Asked by David on February 28, 2023

Q: Would you have a good proxy for CAE (I own AC), CJT, MX,MPW, CRWD for a tax loss or should I just wait for the stocks to recover?

Thanks for your service!

Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on October 24, 2022