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Q: My top holdings are:
GOOG 6.61%
AAPL 5.21%
AMZN 5.12%
NVDA 4.61%
V 4.23%
NPI 3.75%
WSP 3.58%
PBH 3.37%
XBB 3.21%
COST 3.1%
OHI 3.48 %
ENB 2.8%
JPM 2.72%

They make up 50% of my portfolio. I have 12% in cash. Would you add or reduce any of these positions? Long investment horizon(17 years). Iím over weight consumer cyclicals and FS (3% BMO and 3% BNS). Light industrials @7%.

Read Answer Asked by Don on February 17, 2021

Q: Hello there

can you suggest which canadian REITs you favor these days, and why.

second, I am looking for US etfs that covers the high tech sector and others for the health care sector. Your thoughts. please

as always. your guidance is appreciated


Read Answer Asked by alex on August 05, 2020
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