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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I currently hold investments in Fidelity Balanced Income Private Pool and Franklin Quotential Diversified Income. I will be transferring the funds from these mutual funds to ETFs with lower management fees. Please provide a list of 5 suitable ETFs and rank them from 1 to 5. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Don on July 11, 2022

Q: Greetings once again and my continued thanks for your steady hand. Can you please suggest an array of balanced fund or high grade dividend fund etfs which can give me exposure to Canada, USA and the rest of the world, in roughly equal portions. KIndest regards, Al

Read Answer Asked by alex on May 20, 2021

Q: would this be a good fund to invest in for a young adult first investment

Read Answer Asked by Pierre on March 19, 2021

Q: Hi 5i
My son-in-law has a Registered Disability Savings Plan, and I'm going to help him to invest and manage the money to achieve growth with low to moderate risk. He's only 30 so has many years to grow his (and the Government's) contributions. Presently, he only has a mutual fund in it, the Mackenzie Ivy Global Balanced Fund which I've discovered has a 2.38% MER.
Firstly, I'd like to replace this mutual fund with a low cost ETF that is relatively safe but can still show some good growth. To this end, can you recommend two or three Canadian ETFs that might be suitable for me to do further research on.
Secondly, in addition to an ETF, at this time he wants to have some single stocks in the RDSP as well. Can you please recommend three or four Canadian blue-chip type growth equities, and that would be of interest to a not too boring : )
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Lois on February 22, 2021

Q: Hi, I’am retired,(65) looking for a global dividend ETF . I have no U.S. or International exposure no bonds, only Canadian stock, so thinking to spread out a little. Do you have a go to all in one etf that pays 2%+ while you wait ( 6-8) years+.
I was looking at XDG ,good mer, good div. 3.4%, global holdings 56% U.S. etc. But not sure if it’s a good long term hold?
Would like your opinion on an etf that you like

Read Answer Asked by Brad on February 19, 2021

Q: My wife has 75% of her portfolio in laddered GICs and I am looking for a one-stop solution for the remaining 25%. Would XTR be a reasonable substitute for any of the major balanced ETFs such as VBAL, XBAL, ZBAL, or HBAL or would you recommend one of the latter? XTR pays a significantly higher dividend and appears to possess a similar structure, although not quite as globally diversified on the equity side. Your opinion please. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Paul W on November 13, 2020

Q: Please give an updated opinion on these four balanced ETFs for a retired, conservative investor and indicate order of preference for income and safety. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Paul W on November 13, 2020

Q: Hi Team, My friend was convinced to buy this fund. What can you tell me about its performance, distribution, cost on closing the position & management fee. What better alternative can she consider as first time investor? Exchange traded funds?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Victoria Y on February 27, 2020

Q: Hi there, I'm new here and joined after hearing great interviews on Build Wealth Canada. I have a question and am really hoping you can help. I have decided to invest in Asset Allocation ETFs. 60% equities, 40% bond. For both the equity and bond portion I would like equal split of Canadian, US and international (no emerging markets, developed markets only). I need one asset allocation ETF with dividends or interest to buy with my TFSA & RRSP accounts. I need another with no dividend/interest to buy in my non registered account. I am new to this and overwhelmed with how to pick the 2 asset allocation ETFs for me. Can you please recommend 2 that meet my needs? Thank you so much!! Deborah

Read Answer Asked by Deborah on January 28, 2020

Q: Re article in today’s National Post re ETF of ETF’s, no ticker symbols were included. Can you provide same and indicate your opinion on general suitability and if favourable your choice?
Thank you for considering my question

Read Answer Asked by Gail on January 13, 2020

Q: Happy New Year 5i,
Is there anywhere I could get a complete list of the holdings in HBAL, VBAL, XBAL? I realize VBAL is 12,595! XBAL 16,000 plus! I am thinking there might be spreadsheets available somewhere. I am just doing a bit of education with my children and grandchildren.

Read Answer Asked by Chris on January 09, 2020

Q: Hello 5i team,
I'm looking for a one stop global balanced dividend etf at this time, for the next 4 year time frame.
Maybe VGRO, Vbal etc. but not prefered, I'd like about 3% Canadian content in it.
Too much in Canada already.
Any ideas other than balancing MAW120 or XAW with a GIC ladder ?

Read Answer Asked by Bernie on October 28, 2019

Q: Would you please suggest 2 or 3 US balanced funds, available in Cdn$ and hedged. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by gary on October 23, 2019

Q: Further to my previous question on these etfs. if I buy these etfs and they over time accumulate gains from distributions. And I then sell some units for income is my gain or loss solley dependent on wether I sold above or below my purchase price or could I in fact sell for my exact purchase price and still have a cumulative gain from distributions from the swap? Also in your opinion would these funds as start ups be a poor way for a retired person to avoid income as to gain on oas and gis ?

Read Answer Asked by Larry on January 14, 2019

Q: 5i team: would you please advise on your opinion on these ETFs. Is it a good opportunity to buy into a new etf when the initial price is about 10$ or is this a misconception on value. In contrast to say vbal & vgro at the 25$ range? Also can you coment on mpcf . If it was a core holding what could compliment it as for diversity. Do all of the above have enough canadian exposure? Tks

Read Answer Asked by Larry on August 09, 2018