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Q: Greetings once again and my continued thanks for your steady hand. Can you please suggest an array of balanced fund or high grade dividend fund etfs which can give me exposure to Canada, USA and the rest of the world, in roughly equal portions. KIndest regards, Al

Read Answer Asked by alex on May 20, 2021

Q: would this be a good fund to invest in for a young adult first investment

Read Answer Asked by Pierre on March 19, 2021

Q: Hi 5i
My son-in-law has a Registered Disability Savings Plan, and I'm going to help him to invest and manage the money to achieve growth with low to moderate risk. He's only 30 so has many years to grow his (and the Government's) contributions. Presently, he only has a mutual fund in it, the Mackenzie Ivy Global Balanced Fund which I've discovered has a 2.38% MER.
Firstly, I'd like to replace this mutual fund with a low cost ETF that is relatively safe but can still show some good growth. To this end, can you recommend two or three Canadian ETFs that might be suitable for me to do further research on.
Secondly, in addition to an ETF, at this time he wants to have some single stocks in the RDSP as well. Can you please recommend three or four Canadian blue-chip type growth equities, and that would be of interest to a not too boring : )
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Lois on February 22, 2021
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