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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi team, I am looking to add some international diversification to my monthly income portfolio. I am looking for monthly income with some potential for capital appreciation. Do any of these funds overlap with each other? Which of these funds or combination of funds would be best for a non-registered account?

Read Answer Asked by Nancy on June 12, 2018

Q: Hi 5I,

Could you please suggest 3 or 4 ETF's that would be tax suitable for a non registered income account. I now have a mix of large cap Canadian Dividend stock (Bank,Utilities), in the account and a GIC ladder.
I'm looking for minimal 4% monthly payout , higher is better.


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 23, 2018

Q: I hold small weightings in cdz,zwc,zwh,zwe as well as holdings in Canadian utilities. I am thinking of replacing cdz with either zdh or cyh to increase my international holdings. Would you please look under the hood of zdh and cyh and would you recommend this move or do you have another recommendation?. Thanx. Great service.

Read Answer Asked by Steve on July 26, 2017

Q: Hello 5i,
I am looking to increase my U.S. and International exposure. I currently hold VIG-N, JNJ-N and a number of Canadian ETF's which also hold U.S. equities. I am open to either USD or hedged products and would like a yield in excess of 2.25% if practical. Since I look to yield for income I was considering ZWA. Would you have any other options you would prefer over ZWA?
On the Int'l. side I hold CYH and ZDI and am happy with both; I held VEE at one time, but the yield is on the lower side for my needs. Should I just increase my holdings in these two or, again, do you see a better option? I could move out of one or both of those if you think there is a more compelling option I'm missing.
As always .... thanks so much for all of your help - very much appreciated!!!
Have a great summer!!

Read Answer Asked by Mike on July 18, 2017