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Q: Hi,

What are your thoughts on PGI.UN? The MER looks like it's on the order of 4% which seems high. On the other hand, for a fixed income fund, the total return (after expenses) for the last few years seems decent.

I already hold XHY, CVD & XPF. Would you say PGI.UN is a good compliment to add to these or should I just add to these ETFs instead?



Read Answer Asked by Gordon on January 14, 2020

Q: Hello,

I want to add fixed income to balance my portfolio and will hold it in a cash account. I'm targeting 15% fixed income with > 10 year hold.

1. Are the ETF's in the income portfolio appropriate? or should I have more concentration? Or a different selection?

2. If > one ETF do you have a weighting suggestion?

3. Will these be taxed as income or dividends?



Read Answer Asked by Dave on December 13, 2019
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