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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have these ETF's in my portfolio, although they are a small percentage. I am wanting to do a clean up of most of my partial holdings in individual stocks and purchase more ETF's. I was going to add VIG as well. Could any of these ETF's be replaced with better ones or not bother with them, and what others do you suggest to compliment them for an income investor who wants to see a little growth as well in a well diverse portfolio? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Pat on May 08, 2024
Q: Hi Peter & team

My son is about to graduate and will be starting his first job shortly thereafter. He is going to have approx $100,000 to invest and he asked for my help. I am recommending he start a portfolio which includes HPS.A, GDI, TVK, GSY, BNS, EQB, SIS, ATS, KXS, TOI, ATZ, DOO, ENB, BTE, LMN. I am also going to suggest 10% be placed in CASH as a rainy day/opportunity fund he can add to. Is there anything else you would have me add? Is there any of these you would have me remove? And if 10% was focused into fixed Income, what would you recommend? Please deduct appropriate number of questions.

Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Gord on February 28, 2024
Q: It certainly feels as though we are seeing the beginning of a new bond bull after the roughest two years since the 1980s-early 1990s.
Please provide you opinion on the above, as well an any other bond etfs that you follow.
Can you please provide you opinion regarding a bull market..
Thanks in advance
Read Answer Asked by Rick on December 12, 2023
Q: I am a retired income investor and I purchased this ETF several months ago for income and some potential growth. It is in a registered account. The payment is reasonable but I now realize that I don't fully understand how this will react to interest rate swings compared to either short or long-term bonds. Should I expect it to have a higher beta than longer-term or shorter-term bonds? Would it usually react fairly quickly to anticipated interest rates move or because there is an equity component does the state of the economy (aside from rates) impact its value, resulting in slower swings? Would you consider it riskier or "safer" than "straightforward" bonds?

Appreciate the insight.

Paul F.
Read Answer Asked by Paul on October 25, 2023
Q: hi,
looking through the 5i model income portfolio, these entities are all down in share price. for an investor looking for income and growth (both capital appreciation and dividend growth to keep up with inflation over long term ), are all these a buy today? any a sell? any others in the income portfolio you are more interested in today?
cheers, chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on September 18, 2023
Q: What bond funds are the best to invest in right now for the long term? Currently I hold ZAG.TO and CVD.TO. Should I continue buying them? I would prefer a higher dividend than what the ZAG gives.
Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Pat on August 22, 2023
Q: Hi 5i Team,

I am looking to create a dividend portfolio of 15 positions yielding around 6%. My plan is to weigh these positions equally in a non-registered account. A good number of these equities are in your income portfolio but I just wanted to get your opinion if you would swap any of these out or add anything else?

Acadian Timber
Fiera Capital

Thanks in advance for your help!
Read Answer Asked by David on June 14, 2023
Q: hi, can you illustrate your investment thesis for both of these ETF's in the income portfolio. please specifically include what you believe to be the catalyst(s) for the share price to increase. CPD has a long track record of deteriorating share value (approximately half of share value at inception 2007 ) CVD less so ( down just under 20% from 2011 ). could you also compare the "yield" of both over the years, so we can see if the interest/payments have offset share price declines in a meaningful way. cheers, chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on February 23, 2023
Q: Hi,

Based on the questions pertaining to taxable dividends, and managing an income portfolio for my elderly parents, is there a substantial difference in tax treatment, if the above funds are held in a cash account? I was fortunate enough to get DIR.UN into a TFSA and am slowly moving AW into a TFSA as well. Do I take out the growthier names in the TFSAs and move in the ETFs or just let them go in a cash account?
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on February 06, 2023
Q: I am looking for ETFs that trade on the TSX with a yield of at least 4-5%. From the income portfolio, I see CPD (preferreds) / CVD (convertible) / XHY (US HY) / ZRE (REITs), and I am also aware of ZWU (Utilities) / ZWB (Banks).

Are there any others that don't have much overlap with the above that you would recommend?
Read Answer Asked by Alexander on January 31, 2023
Q: What are your favourite Canadian bond ETFs given the current circumstances and looking ahead a couple of years.
Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Carlos on January 23, 2023
Q: I completed the Portfolio Analytics Tool and uploaded my own holdings. It suggested I should invest in 30 percent fixed income - Ive spent my investment years in the equity market - any suggestions for this asset class such as which bonds, what terms, etc ?
Read Answer Asked by Gary on January 04, 2023
Q: My portfolio tracking analysis suggested I purchase fixed income assets - as much as 30 percent. Do you have any suggestions where to start - as Ive always traded in equities. Are there corporate bonds I should purchase if so what timeline? Or simply ETFs which would be preferred and which ones?
Read Answer Asked by Gary on January 03, 2023
Q: Hello Peter,
This question is relating to your holdings in your Income Model Portfolio. Are all the income declared from these investments qualify for dividends tax credits? Or are they treated as normal income like interest income from GICs and would be subject to our normal tax rate?

If it is taxed at our marginal rate, would you recommend holding these investments in a RRSP account?
Many thanks,
Read Answer Asked by Roger on December 13, 2022
Q: Do you have a proxy for CVD? It can be stock or ETF. The reason I ask is it is thinly traded and my purchase exceeds the average daily volume. Id rather not pick away at small lots to reach my position, or is that what I should actually do?

Read Answer Asked by Kelly on August 29, 2022
Q: Was reviewing the 5i Income Portfolio and the type of bond funds in portfolio. Then was looking at the dividend payments on the two ETFs, the convertible bond (which is in the portfolio) is double of the laddered bond (which isn't in portfolio). Are convertible bond funds considered a much higher risk over laddered bond fund?
Read Answer Asked by Betty on August 15, 2022