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5i Recent Questions
Q: Hi- retired investor.
Bought these a while back for fixed income and am down 8% and 10% respectively. Could you explain why these have decreased while bond yields have increased?
Should I dump these and just convert to a 5% GIC or is there a light in view?
Read Answer Asked by JEFF on August 22, 2023
Q: Hello 5i
First, thank you for your excellent service and guidance! I am retired, looking for income and growth. Following are my questions.

1) What do you think of VCNS? Could you suggest an alternative. I presently have a half position in VCNS.
2) At this time would you still recommend a 4.5% position in ATZ?
3)I am down about 30% with MMM. Is there a better place for these funds?
4) I am down 11% with CLF. What has to happen( with interest etc.) to recoup this loss?

Thank you, Bill
Read Answer Asked by William on July 21, 2023
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