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Q: Hi, further to your reply on real return bonds to Alex on April 28th, I am trying to understand the return I could expect to receive on XRB from the underlying bonds vs. the inflation component.

For XRB, Blackrock currently shows the weighted average coupon at 2.33% and the the weighted YTM (coupon plus amortized realized gain/loss) at 3.43%. My understanding is that YTM is the true measure of bond return. If I bought this ETF could I theoretically expect to receive a 3.43% return from the underlying bonds in addition to an annual principal increase from inflation. So if inflation averaged 3% per year could I expect 3.43% YTM plus 3% inflation principal increase = 6.43% total annual return. Is that generally how it would work? Also would the annual principal increase just be added to the NAV of the ETF?


Read Answer Asked by Gary on June 16, 2022

Q: I have too much cash and too little fixed income investments. We are facing inflation headwinds and the GIC rates I'm looking at ( sub four per cent) don't come close to this years forecast inflation. My pref shares are slumping. Can you suggest any inflation adjusted investments that are as safe or nearly as safe as GICs? In the US the treasury offers i-bonds in limited amounts. Do we have any equivalents here in our fine country? Thanks, al

Read Answer Asked by alex on April 26, 2022
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