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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Which stocks are cheap and buyable Can be trade or long term hold.

Read Answer Asked by Nizar on May 29, 2023

Q: Hi 5i team,

I have a growth and long term outlook and looking to trim some losers and replace with some winners. Of the following stocks, do you feel any need to hold for the long term? Also, what are some US/CAD replacements you would recommend and can you rank from highest to lowest based on overall strength?

Thanks 5i team.

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on May 29, 2023

Q: Presently I have the above stocks in losing positions. would you buy more to average down / sell or hold? thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 29, 2023

Q: Good morning,

In this group can you tell me which one to keep, to hold, to sell and add at this moment.

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Martin on May 18, 2023

Q: With 2 year investment window, please rank the following : NVEI, ATZ, SHOP, BN, DSG,SLF,TOI,GSY, Googl

Would you maintain the same ranking for a 5 years window


Read Answer Asked by V on April 24, 2023

Q: There has been some action lately in some of your usual top picks like GSY, BN, NVEI, etc. I'm planning to deploy some cash soon when I see a decent red day. With all the recent changes, what are your top 3 highest conviction names in order, now that you would deploy money to? Thx

Read Answer Asked by Adam on April 19, 2023

Q: Now we know we are near the end of J Powell's hikes in Interest Rates as Inflation is dropping should I start building my equity Holdings?

If so can you give me three names in Canada & USA Thanks a lot RAK

Read Answer Asked by bob on April 14, 2023

Q: I bought GSY in $32 area in 2020 in my TFSA, have sold some since late last summer, still at about 8% of portfolio, was thinking of selling half what I have and replacing with NVEI. Partly due your one of your recent responses to a question, that NVEI likely to have greater growth potential over next 1-2 years, I bought and own GSY for it's growth potential but if NVEI could produce better results, trade makes sense. I have lots of financials, low in tech in portfolio, so also increases diversification, would you agree with this idea in general?

Read Answer Asked by Don on April 13, 2023

Q: What are your 5 favourite Canadian Stocks that have been beaten up over the last year that could see a significant bounce back in the next 2 to 3 years. Can you also indicate good entry points.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on April 12, 2023

Q: I have small positions in Chorus Aviation, North West Health Care, Lightspeed and Topicus; I'm down in all - and wondering how much patience is warranted - and considering Nuvei. Could you rate these in terms of possible upside and when one might expect this?


Read Answer Asked by Valerie on April 12, 2023

Q: I'm looking to sell some of my Lightspeed positions and looking for an alternative in the same space.

- I have a huge loss with LSPD, and looking for best proxy to recoup some losses going forward...

- Not interested in 5+ year investment, as too much can change...

- I'm looking for a recommendation of a candidate that has great prospects 1-2 years, 3 max

- I'm open to any suggestions & ideas other than the companies I listed in my question as well

Read Answer Asked by michael on April 11, 2023