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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: How would you rank these current and 2-3year potential. All except TOI look to be massively discounted versus previous performance. Possible multi baggers?
Read Answer Asked by Chris on August 02, 2023
Q: Did not have an opportunity to hear what ECN had to say about their earnings and possible sale of the company. Was there any indication of what direction the strategic review might take and possible timing of any announcement.. Secondly if a takeout does not occur is there anything in terms of future guidance that would provide support for the shares around current levels? Current results appear rather tepid and my concern is that shares could tank without positive news from the strategic review. What is your sense as to what direction the strategic review might take?
Read Answer Asked by John on June 16, 2023
Q: Presently I have the above stocks in losing positions. would you buy more to average down / sell or hold? thanks
Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 29, 2023
Q: I may have missed a few, but pretty sure I've made every mistake trading in the stock market, although thanks to 5i I've done quite well over the years. Prehaps my biggest mistake is holding on to loosers too long and taking big hits. Recently I've promised myself to sell when I'm down 25%. So, I'm now down 25 or more % on these 4 companies but dont want to sell. What says you?
Read Answer Asked by Charles on May 20, 2023
Q: Can you provide the fair value of the following stocks: TSLA, SHOP, BN, GOOG, ATZ, NVDA, WELL, GSY, TOI, KXS, ECN, RCI.B ?
Read Answer Asked by Eric on May 18, 2023
Q: Good morning,

In this group can you tell me which one to keep, to hold, to sell and add at this moment.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Martin on May 18, 2023
Q: An anecdotal comment and a question.

1) When you recommended ECN as part of the portfolio I purchased EFN instead, a fat finger mistake. Unfort when I realized the 'mistake' I made I sold me EFN and bought ECN. A mistake I wished I hadn't corrected.

2)An analyst I follow, with a 65% success rate (wished I was that good) made this recco this am.:

"TD Securities analyst Mario Mendonca downgraded ECN Capital Corp. (ECN:CN) (OTC: ECNCF) from Buy to Hold with a price target of Cdn$0.00..."

I have seen your comments on ECN this am. Its performance has been abysmal ever since it was added to the port, how strongly do you feel ECN will survive and not hit 0?

Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on May 17, 2023
Q: Hi There!

I have read your comments this morning on ECN. it looks like the root cause of their troubles is the inflationary times, Marine/RV/Mobile home financing originations are shrinking considerably etc. Iím a long time holder who is breaking even at these levels. The position is a small part of a diversified portfolio (about 1.5% presently). Do you think itís worth waiting for the ďstrategic evaluationĒ or should one just call it a day and SELL? Otherwise I think itís a long wait for anything positive to happen here?
Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 16, 2023
Q: I am looking for your best small-cap value stock ideas. I'm hoping for three in Canada, and three in the U.S. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on May 02, 2023
Q: Hi Peter and Staff

I currently do own small amounts of each of the companies above except for EQB.

Do you feel strong enough about EQB to replace any of the other 3 companies if taxes or trading fees are not an issue or just advise to ride it out

Thanks for all you do
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on April 25, 2023
Q: If you held the following smaller cap stocks in positions of 0.5% to 1.0% of your total stock portfolio, and wanted to reduce the number of holdings by selling several of them and using the money to add to others, which ones would you sell and which ones would you add to: ACQ, ADEN, AEP, AND, CHW, CJ, DCM, ECN, GEO, HPS.A, LNF, NOA, PRL, QIPT, RCH, RET.A, SFC, STLC, SVI, TVE, WELL, XTC. Assume overall portfolio is well diversified so sectors not a consideration, and that this is the riskier part of portfolio, so, higher risk is fine. Would be great if you could pare this list of 22 stocks down to about 10-15. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Dan on April 24, 2023