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Investment Q&A

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Q: HI!
In an income seeking portfolio, if one has a portfolio that is overweight financials, do you think it makes sense in the current environment to lighten up and add to pipelines and utilities due to the geopolitical events and risk of recession down the road. Thought in rate rising environment assets that benefit from rising rates were in favour but it seems telcos, utilities, and pipelines are moving more now. Obviously with price of oil, increase in pipelines is understandable and clearly yield curve is playing a role. What are your thoughts on whether increasing rates will eventually hurt utilities/pipelines. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Neil on March 08, 2022
Q: Hi,
I am low on energy and pipelines, as ENB.TO is my only holding in this sector. Most of the available cash I have on hand is in a US dollar RSP account, which I do not have to convert to a RIF for another 4 years. I've listed some stocks that have my attention, and wonder if it is reasonable to purchase now, as they're mostly at new 52 week highs, except OGS and VZ. Do you think these will still have room for further gains, or am I essentially too late and taking a risk these will roll over quickly as we inch closer to a US recession? Are there others you would prefer that aren't listed and any of the above that would be higher risk in this market environment? Take the appropriate points for the multiple questions. Thanks for you continued valuable insight!
Read Answer Asked by Dawn on March 07, 2022
Q: Hi !

Would you suggest a top-five list of Canadian companies that have a monthly dividend--with an eye to capital preservation?
Perhaps the same parameters except that it would be for American companies?

Much appreciated!

Read Answer Asked by D on August 12, 2021