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Q: Hi 5i:
I've been away for a while and not keeping up with Questions, so this may already have been asked and answered. if so, please provide a link to the answer.
I'm hoping you could advise what sectors you think will reverse the current trend and begin to appreciate in value more quickly than others and, also, if you could identify three or so names you would expect to 'lead the charge' in each of those sectors.
If time and space permit, any commentary you might have regarding each identified sector and/or name would be appreciated. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on October 13, 2022

Q: Can you suggest some US and Canadian high-quality value stocks with attractive valuations and, finally, that meet the "mundane" test. Heard a commentator discuss this recently. I think the idea is that if a high quality business is flashy, etc, its valuation would reflect that (say Coke or Berkshire Hathaway?). Other "mundane" companies would not (yet) have that prominence premium.

I'm not sure if this is the same as "deep value". Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Chris on October 04, 2022

Q: Like a lot of stocks, the homebuilders seemed to reach a bottom on June 17 and then have steadily marched upward. Quite briskly, in fact, even in the face of increasing interest rates. To what do you ascribe their stock improvement, which outmatches almost any other sector I can see, up 25%-30% in a month.

Read Answer Asked by John on July 25, 2022
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