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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi - are you current fans of the US homebuilding stocks (and their macro environment) for next 12-18 months? If so, what stocks do you prefer to buy at current prices (and a brief "why")? Many thanks as always!
Read Answer Asked by Douglas on March 27, 2024
Q: In my US denominatedm growth-focused TFSA, I own CRM, PYPL, TOL, AAPL, GOOG, ADBE, QCOM, and NVDA. It is time for me to make my annual contribution.

I am underweight PYPL; should I add to it or replace PYPL with something else? If I should replace it, please suggest two or three good candidates for long-term growth, US-based, sector/cap size unimportant, risk profile somewhere between that of your growth and balanced portfolios. If I remove PYPL, I'd rather add a new position than add to one of my current positions.

In your answer, please do not include MSFT, IBM, PFE or MDT, since I have full positions in these in my other accounts.

I've been a 5i member since 2016 and have been served well by your service; thanks for a great seven years. I remember starting a position in CSU at around $600 and thinking I was 'too late'.

Wishing 5i and all its members all the best for a prosperous 2024.
Read Answer Asked by Walter on January 02, 2024
Q: It's time to add to my TFSA. I own ADBE, GOOG, AAPL, NVDA, PYPL, QCOM, CRM and TOL in this account, where longterm growth is the investment objective. Should any of these be switched? Please recommend replacements if so and ignore sector/market cap considerations. I wish to add to either NVDA or PYPL, which of these should I add to? Deduct as many credits as required. Thanks, and wishing you all the best for 2023.
Read Answer Asked by Walter on January 10, 2023
Q: Good morning, 5i team!

KH Home, Toll Brothers & Pulte Home all get a buy ratings from Credit Suisse lately. Your thought on adding for1 of these 5 for a 3 to 5 years hold. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Nhung on April 06, 2022
Q: I heard someone on TV, on BNN I think, say that there is currently a severe housing shortage in the U.S. Doing some research I found one analyst stating a shortage of 3.8M units. Whether or not this is considered "severe" for the U.S. I have no idea. In any case many companies in this discretionary sector are down substantially from their highs. Could you provide your thoughts on investing in a home builder at this time? Preferably for a 2 to 3 year hold. Would Toll Brothers have the top ranking or would another builder rate better? Many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Harvey on April 05, 2022
Q: It's time to make my annual TFSA contribution. The goal of my TFSA is long term capital appreciation utilizing a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio of US equities, with risk profile somewhere between that of the 5i Growth and Balanced portfolios.

Currently, my TFSA holds: ADBE, GOOG, FIVE, NVDA, PAC, PYPL, SLQT, TOL.

Are any of these in the 'don't need to be owned' category? I am looking at SLQT in particular, still languishing amidst ongoing legal woes. Should this be kept? If not, would you please suggest a replacement? If so, then which of these should I add to: ADBE, NVDA, SLQT, TOL? I am full/overweight the other positions. Please disregard sector and market cap considerations; I am fully diversified in my other portfolios.

Please deduct as many credits as deemed appropriate for a complete answer, thank you very much and all the best for 2022.

Read Answer Asked by Walter on January 03, 2022
Q: I own the following in my US-denominated TFSA:


The goal of this account is high-conviction, long-term growth strategy, focused on eight US equities, with a risk profile somewhere in between that of your Balanced and Growth portfolios.

A) If I had to sell one of the 9 holdings listed, which should it be?

B) Are there any others that should be sold in light of the investment goal stated?

C) Which of these should I add to, if any, or, which new postition should I consider (US market only) that would complement the existing positions well? Please note that I am already fully-weighted/over-weighted in FIVE, GOOG, PYPL, and PAYC.

Thank you. Please deduct the appropriate number of credits as needed.
Read Answer Asked by Walter on September 08, 2021
Q: I own a fully position in IWN - with what's been going on lately with sector rotation (Growth verses value) should i see half the position and buy IWO (growth) or sell the entire position in IWN and buy IWM (both growth and value) ?

Second question I own significant holdings in WEF (overweight) WFG (1/2 position) and lastly Canfor (Full Position) My question is is it time to exit hold or reduce as lumber prices cannot stay at the present level forever?? (your comment please) maybe even sell some WEF some and go with a big house builder or even Lowes (I already own Home depot ) your guidance is appreciated
Read Answer Asked by Terence on April 13, 2021