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Q: I heard someone on TV, on BNN I think, say that there is currently a severe housing shortage in the U.S. Doing some research I found one analyst stating a shortage of 3.8M units. Whether or not this is considered "severe" for the U.S. I have no idea. In any case many companies in this discretionary sector are down substantially from their highs. Could you provide your thoughts on investing in a home builder at this time? Preferably for a 2 to 3 year hold. Would Toll Brothers have the top ranking or would another builder rate better? Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Harvey on April 05, 2022

Q: My thinking is that as we come out of these unusual times, most people will be hesitant to travel by plane or train or even bus. Day trips and shorter excursions to explore our beautiful country may be the norm. Is there a company or companies to invest in to reflect this upcoming alternative vacationing? Possibly an RV company or one that rents motor homes? Thnks Dennis

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on June 01, 2020
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