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Q: Hello,
I am down in phys, aem, and sil but down the most in phys. can you recommend a proxy for tax loss harvesting to replace all 3 or should I sell phys and sil and replace with aem?

Read Answer Asked by Mary on December 09, 2022

Q: Currently reviewing my precious metals exposure. In my royalty companies I have a full position in FNV and MMX. Would you hold MMX with the pending purchase by TFPM or would you sell and buy WPM at this time? In my gold miners, I have half positions in VGCX and NEM (position resulted from the Goldcorp merger), should either be sold and if so, would you purchase AEM? Any further thoughts on the precious metals exposure would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by eric on December 09, 2022

Q: Given a competing offer will not be coming and it from my math it seems YRI current price is not really showing any discount (you can take a look) to the current offer, would you suggest its time to move on and look for a replacement. Any suggestions besides AEM/BTO for safer precious metals holdings who are paying a decent dividend.

Read Answer Asked by Husseinali on November 08, 2022
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