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Investment Q&A

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Q: According to portfolio analytics I need to increase my allocation to healthcare.
Have MRK. Please rank the following from 1. growth perspective 2. safety perspective: MDT SYK ABBV ZBH REGN

Read Answer Asked by Doug on October 13, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
looking for health care related stocks (other than Drug companies) that pay a dividend and are good for a 10 yr hold. Please rank them in order of reference.

Read Answer Asked by earl on February 13, 2019

Q: Hello,
I would like some names to consider (2 or 3) for the healthcare sector.

I already own GUD in Canada (TFSA). This is for my RRSP so I am looking for a more conservative name.

I know you don't cover the US but would like names from the US or even international for geographic diversification. Also, for personal reasons, I do not want any drug companies (pharma or biotech).

Thanks as always for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Daniel on August 27, 2018

Q: Hi Peter and team,
I own a reasonable amount of St. Jude medical which is being purchased by Abbott - approx. half cash and half stock.
My other large cap medical holdings includes.
Pfizer, Merck, Medtronic, J&J
I also own GUD & recently bought some Savaria, small portion of EXE
Each has approx. a 1-2% allocation.

Would appreciate your thoughts about when & / or how to get out of St. Judes and what to replace it with.
I don't want more mainly pharma so probably wouldn't add Merck or Pfizer.

I like stocks with a moat such as SJM, MDT, Stryker, Zimmer Biomet and Savaria.

I don't know enough about Abbott to decide if I should simply take the shares. If Abbott is going to be more of a device / equipment company and looks good here I would take the shares.

I am happy to hold these 5-10 years (probably longer) and am close enough to retirement - 3-5 yrs that income and lower risk become more important.

I would appreciate your input as to strategy here and what to do with the cash / shares.
Could you rank the above names taking these factors into account?

Thank you in advance for the great service and your input. ( Please subtract the number of questions you think is fair.)


Read Answer Asked by Tulio on September 16, 2016