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Review of Covalon Technologies

JUL 17, 2018 - Healthcare company that sells products related to wound care and infection control. Recent contracts make it particularly interesting. Initiating coverage at a 'B' rating.

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Q: I held CXR when it was over $100.00 and added to it on the way down. Eventually at $25.00, myself and 5i members were waiting for the quarter and after the report, it dropped to $12.00 and 5i said they were getting out of it. So did I. The same thing happened with RHT. I am concerned that COV a $9.00 plus stock now in the $6 plus range, seems to be repeating the pattern of the two above-mentioned stocks. My question is do you see the same thing happening again with this stock? Thanks Dennis

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on October 17, 2018

Q: As a member of 5i since 2013 I have used your wise logic as one of the tools to help me position my portfolio. I have had some Major wins with your help, but this has been a gut wrenching experience and I have learned the hard way that keeping a reasonable weighting of any one stock is of paramount importance. I let RHT get too large a weighting and believed in their product as a way to help people. It concerns me that you used the word 'fraud' in one of your previous replies.
I have now reduced most of my position to a very small weighting and am reviewing selling it all.
I have a position in COV that is a full position. It is a bit weak of late but I think that is due to the Saudi Arabian rhetoric and is a temporary blip.
Would you consider VMD to be a good replacement for RHT.

Thanks for all your solid advise in these turbulent times.


Read Answer Asked by Peter on October 16, 2018
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