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Review of AG Growth International

SEP 10, 2020 - By reducing the dividend by 25%, the agriculture equipment and storage provider adds flexibility and strength to the balance sheet. Good international growth potential remains a part of the story here. Rating maintained at 'B-'.

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Q: Over the past 4 quarters, AFN have repeatedly increased their estimate of the cost of "rework" on two specific contracts from $7 to $10 to $14 and now to $20 million. Have you any information on the magnitude, relative to these past equipment and estimate failures, of last Friday's failure of their North Vancouver commercial installation? The market sure doesn't seem to like it. Is it likely a over-reaction, or the proverbial back-breaking straw?

Read Answer Asked by Lotar on September 15, 2020

Q: Hi, As a retired income plus some growth investor which order would u add to or delete the above under 1% positions to tidy up my portfolio.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on July 10, 2020
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