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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi gang
Which of the above is my best pick for a 2 to 3 year (more or less depending on what happens to this surge in lumber) buy? I would like to jump on this wave!
Thank you and stay safe...

Read Answer Asked by El-ann on May 12, 2021

Q: Am I missing any major sectors with these stock investments?
Where should I focus if I would like to ensure a diverse portfolio?
Are there any stocks that I should dump?

Read Answer Asked by grace on April 27, 2021

Q: Hi, realizing that you canít comment on personal weightingís etc, I would appreciate your ranking of the upside of above companies within the next 12 months. Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on February 18, 2021

Q: Given that the sector is out of favour at the moment, I wonder if you could give me the names of the 3 or 4 Canadian forest products companies that you like best overall considering balance sheet, income stability and dividend. I'm prepared to wait a while for a recovery but there seem to be some decently priced companies in the sector at the moment. Finally, do you think that it's advisable to invest in this sector at the present time if one has the patience to wait for recovery? Many thanks. Don

Read Answer Asked by Donald on April 29, 2019

Q: I realize that the performance of the forest products sector (WFT, etc.) will largely track the commodity price of softwood lumber. Prices of SW lumber averaged well over $500 (USD/MBF) one year ago and yet remain below $400 today. If seasonality were a factor, we should be back where we were a year ago - but we are not. Do you have any insight into why the price of lumber (and correspondingly why the entire forest products sector) continues to be so depressed. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on March 21, 2019

Q: looks like forestry shares are dead money for the foreseeable future? presently I hold significant amount in WEF . Unlike the other forestry companies listed it pays a good dividend / heavy into Cedar business so not so exposed to US housing. Should I hold or sell

Read Answer Asked by Terence on February 20, 2019

Q: I am comfortable having about 10% of my non-registered account in the forest products sector. About 55% of this amount is Norbord and the other 45% is split about evenly among Canfor, Interfor and West Fraser. Norbord pays a good dividend; the others don't. Would you suggest any consolidation or rebalancing here or changes that might improve upside potential? All four are down relative to original purchase so any adjustments here would only trigger tax losses.

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on January 27, 2019