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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have been considering acquiring three of the above companies. I what order would you acquire for a balanced portfolio looking for combination of growth and income.

Read Answer Asked by David on April 11, 2022

Q: Hi
I am holding this diverse group of stocks in my portfolio . They are all underperforming at this time .
Input capital is a dividend paying stock , should i buy more on this downturn in price .
on the other stocks do you suggest to hold for the long term

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Howard on September 16, 2021

Q: In the answer to a previous question asked on March 22, 2021, you mentioned that you would prefer AC to CHR as an investment.

However, CHR has posted positive net income for Q2, Q3, Q4 2020, which seems pretty impressive for an airline during 2020. CHR seems like a more "solid" company to my untrained eye.

In the answer to the other question, you mention that CHR has been free cash flow negative for the past 5 years, but according to my research, it has also been posting positive annual net income since 2009. How would something like that be possible?

Read Answer Asked by Alex on April 06, 2021

Q: Hi There
Thanks for your informed service.
I have had Chorus in my unregistered account for some time and enjoyed the dividend that it had. Now that there is no dividend and the price has recovered somewhat, I am thinking of selling it and putting it into other monthly dividend payers that I hold. I was thinking splitting up the proceeds ($25,000) into DIV, EIF, NXR, SPB, and DIR.UN. I am looking at income (being retired) and want relatively safe dividends. Chorus had none and who knows where it will be a year from now. Why not put it to work in these monthly payers? Are there any in the group you would not put any of the proceeds into and would it be best just to add $5000 to each or would you put more into one. This is a small portion of my holdings and the above stocks represent between 2%-5% of my holdings.
Thanks for your help

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on February 23, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
'Pop' quiz - I've got a bit of cash burning a hole in my TFSA pocket. Which one (if any) of the above for a quick pop?
Thanks and Happy Holidays,

Read Answer Asked by Peter on December 29, 2020

Q: I would like to purchase companies In the travel industry that will do well once COVID is over and people start to travel again for pleasure and business.
Please suggest a sector or stocks that I may consider
Many thanks for your great service

Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 18, 2020

Q: It is hard to imagine that this pandemic will one day be a distant memory but eventually life will return to a pre pandemic normal. Can you name 4 or 5 Canadian traded stocks that suffered during the pandemic that you believe will have growth potential in this future?

Read Answer Asked by David on November 13, 2020

Q: If you could see into the future and knew COVID, people's fear of COVID, the economic effects of COVID were all gone ( basically a complete return to normal scenario was 100% for sure in 2021/2022) what basket of Canadian stocks would you purchase now for longer term hold (5-8 years).

Read Answer Asked by Ryan on October 27, 2020

Q: I am planning to take some losses as offsets to capital gains from previous years. In some cases, I am considering replacements as well. Please advise of any concerns with, or suggest alternatives to, the following sale (purchase) plan.

Sell HWO, PSI & IPL (buy PPL and AQN - already own ENB, ALA & KEY)

Sell SU & CJ (buy CNQ and PXT - already own ARX). I also have a sizeable loss on VET, but consider that is presently so far below comparables, that I should wait for some recovery or sell now and move on?

Sell HR.UN (buy another REIT, possibly TCN.UN and/or ERE.UN - already own IIP.UN & NWH.UN).

Sell CHR.

Thanks - Don

Read Answer Asked by don on October 05, 2020

Q: I bought shares in this company many years ago in my registered account primarily for income. Would you recommend that I continue to hold them? If not what would you replace it with assuming I want to have a company that provides a dividend yield of at least 3% ?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on July 28, 2020

Q: Hi Folks,
I want to shake up my small cap holdings. I would like to add some of your favorites such as WELL, STC and PHO. I currently have losses in AKU, CHR, EIF and TCL.A......should I continue to hold these or sell to free up some cash for better opportunities. It's a registered account so no tax implications.
Thanks for your help,

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on July 28, 2020

Q: I own some shares of Chorus and of course am down significantly. I'm wondering about the merits, in your opinion, of selling the CHR shares to harvest the loss and buying AC as a way of staying in the sector with our national airline and a probable recovery when Covid is history.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on June 16, 2020