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Q: Do you have a preference between HXS.CA vs HXS.U and HXQ.CA vs HXQ.U and could you comment on HXX - would it be the same as the others with the exception of the focus on Europe?
Thanks for your service

Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on April 02, 2021

Q: I'm hoping you can help me understand something.

On yahoo finance if I pull up a 6 month chat of HXS.TO and compare it to the S&P 500 index, HXS is underperforming by a significant amount (up 28% vs. 38%).  However if I add HXS.U.TO (the US dollar version of HXS) it tracks the index much closer.  Do you know why these two etfs track the index so differently?

In my RSP I buy HXS.TO weekly and journal the shares over to the US side a couple times throughout the year to buy US listed ETFs.  When I journal the HXS shares over do my gains magically increase?

Thanks for your help!

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on September 22, 2020

Q: I have purposely maintained my non-registered foreign holdings (principally US) below $100K simply to avoid the hassle of reporting to Revenue Canada and completing a T1135. I now find that continuing to do so will leave me underinvested in US markets. Is there a way to get broad US exposure (i.e. S&P 500) with an ETF that would not be deemed as foreign property? Would HXS or HXS.U accomplish this? If yes is there an equivalent Nasdaq ETF?

Read Answer Asked by Steven on February 12, 2020
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