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Q: I am considering buying HXS.U and HXQ.U in my non registered account for tax purposes. When looking at the 5 year charts of these 2 etfs I noticed a very large drop in both of them on the same day. For example HXS.U went from $85.38 on June 28 2021 to $43.03 on July 5 2021. These drops did not occur in the BMO etf ZSP.U or ZNQ.U. These drops did not occur in HXS or HXQ on that day either.
What happened then? Is there a risk that it could happen again. To lose half of their value is quite a scare.

Read Answer Asked by Anna on September 13, 2023

Q: Good morning, I have some USD in my tfsa and was wondering if you could suggest a few ETFs in the states where I won’t get charged a withholding tax. Can be growth or index oriented.

Read Answer Asked by Seamus on October 07, 2022

Q: Hello,
I am trying to understand how Horizons S&P 500 Index ETF tracks the index. At the moment I'm typing this message, the S&P 500 sits at 0% daily change, SPY at -0.03% while HXS is at -1.09% and HXS-U is at -1.08%. Why do we see such significant deviation from the index in $3.5B ETF with very high trading volume and close spread between bid and ask? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on July 13, 2022
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