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Q: PYR is down 38%in the last moth, I'm still up 45% , JD does not seem to be going anywhere ? OKTA I am up over 100% and thinking of selling and taking the profit. These next ones, I'm simply down on: APPN -38%, WPRT -40%, QST - 38%, PAT -72%, AT -51%, PLTR -38%. What would you do ? Buy, Sell or Hold. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Frank on April 22, 2021

Q: Have followed WPRT for years and understand your feelings on it. Recently they seemed to have started a comeback, with their engine’s adaptable to hydrogen and the large truck orders with Amazon and working on research with Scania. Do you think there is hope and might it be a decent speculative buy?
Thanks again for your wisdom and help keeping me on track.

Read Answer Asked by John on February 08, 2021
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