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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you list, in order of preference, the top 10 Canadian companies for pure growth over the next year.
As well, can you list the 5 growth companies that you feel are most over-rated and should be sold if owned.

Read Answer Asked by on November 09, 2021

Q: I currently own these stocks that are underperforming in my portfolio and would like to sell and invest elsewhere.

What stocks do you recommend I sell?

Read Answer Asked by Jasmine on August 31, 2021

Q: Hi guys,
I would like to clean up my portfolio, please let me know if these companies are worth keeping inside my tfsa. RHT, WILD, HEXO, XLY, AUSA, OGI, MRRCF.

Read Answer Asked by jim on January 08, 2021

Q: Have $12,000.00 to invest, current BMO Inv Line allocation is as follows:
Communication 8%
Cons Disc 21%
Cons Staples 13%
Energy 6%
Financials 32%
Health Care 11%
Info Tech 1%
Companies held AW, RBC, SLF, SBUX, WMT, BCE, PFZ,SIS, BB, ENB, TNY, HEXO,VTR,ParkLawn

Would appreciate your thoughts on how I could deploy the cash.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 30, 2020

Q: These are my biggest losers across my accounts. What are their prospects? Are any worth keeping, or is just time to move on? I don’t mind some risk, but don’t want to hold the hopeless ones any longer.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on August 19, 2020

Q: Many on your tax-loss list show estimated revenue growth > 100%; in more than a few cases, > 200%. In the case of marijuana stocks, this is puzzling, as many argue that prices will continue to weaken.
On what basis, then, should we place confidence in these numbers? Take HEXO, which you observed (last August) was priced at 4X forward sales, has since then declined by 45%, but is estimating revenue growth at 280%: what would it take to find its prospects 'interesting'?

Read Answer Asked by John on November 08, 2019

Q: Hello Peter,
When emerging companies come to market like in high tech or other sectors, revenues seems to be the focus rather than profits especially in the early years. However, for the cannabis companies, the expectation is they have profits fairly quickly. Why is there so much pressure on these companies? For example, organigram had good revenues but did not meet profits and their stock took a hit. Hexo , unfortunately, messed up on the guidance for revenues and it is down which makes sense. Do you see the pot sector heading on a downward slope or do you think there is a chance of recovery? Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on October 11, 2019

Q: Quite a smackdown on these stocks today. I'm still not in this group, but wondering if I shouldn't dip into them a bit. In what order would you rate these, in terms of (potential) viability?

I notice that Hexo's company profile states it's a "consumer packaged goods cannabis company" ... which suggests, then, that they don't grow their own. Is it better, in this industry, to grow your own ... or to be at arm's length, and be more of a repackager and distributor?

Even with the smackdown, would you (Peter or Ryan) get into the sector at all?

Read Answer Asked by Sylvia on July 15, 2019