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Investment Q&A

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Q: I have put in approx $1000 in each of the 7 companies after yesterdays drop, do you see a potential for increase in the short term say 6 months to 1 year? Why is there so much interest in FIRE lately?

Read Answer Asked by SAMAR on February 16, 2021

Q: Hello Peter,
With the US elections and the senate win by the democrats, I was expecting that the US cannabis stocks would surge alot more than the Canadian ones. However, this is not the case and am wondering what that is.. For example. if you look at Aphria and Tilray, and Organirams, they have surged alot more than companies that are actually making money like Curaleaf in the USA .. Do you think this is because US companies are not surging as much due to them being on CDNX (not on TSX or NYSE) and may not be readily available for US investors..Also, can you comment on why Medmen is going through the roof in the last 5 days..? thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by umedali on February 09, 2021

Q: Hi guys,
I would like to clean up my portfolio, please let me know if these companies are worth keeping inside my tfsa. RHT, WILD, HEXO, XLY, AUSA, OGI, MRRCF.

Read Answer Asked by jim on January 08, 2021

Q: I hold OGI (-67%), SPB (-18%), TCL.A (-20%), and RCI.B (-10%) all at the losses indicated. Which would you buy more of, hold, or sell? Would you switch RCI.B for more BCE or T, both of which I already hold? I'm looking for capital gains with a dividend, when possible. Thanks for your insight.

Read Answer Asked by George on May 26, 2020

Q: I have a small position in OGI.T. Bought it two weeks ago (2.40) thinking it Is one of the better names in the sector and will be a survivor. It has had its time in the past where they would report a good quarter but with no consistency. What is youíre opinion on this company and the sector in general. I can wait on it for a few years but the sector as a whole looks like a dumpster fire and knowing there are a lot of other places to go with the money Iím wondering if it makes any sense to wait it out?

Read Answer Asked by Andre on May 15, 2020

Q: Hello Peter,
From your reports, Shopify has an inside ownership of 7.4 percent whereas Lightspeed only has 1 percent. Could this somehow be viewed as Lightspeed's management does not have the same confidence in the company as Shopfiy's? I am looking at LIghtspeed as potentially smaller version of Shopify's and am reluctant to put more than 1 percent given the inside ownership.. Please comment. Also, from the cannabis companies, would Organigrams be decent one at this price? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by umedali on April 29, 2020

Q: I bought into both of these companies last year and am down about 50% (along with the rest of the sector). In spite of the overall sector performance what would be your expectation of these 2 companies for this year and next? Should I get out while there is still something left and reinvest into something considerably less volatile or is there a chance these companies can still make a comeback in the short term?? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Rob on February 18, 2020

Q: Hello Peter,
When emerging companies come to market like in high tech or other sectors, revenues seems to be the focus rather than profits especially in the early years. However, for the cannabis companies, the expectation is they have profits fairly quickly. Why is there so much pressure on these companies? For example, organigram had good revenues but did not meet profits and their stock took a hit. Hexo , unfortunately, messed up on the guidance for revenues and it is down which makes sense. Do you see the pot sector heading on a downward slope or do you think there is a chance of recovery? Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on October 11, 2019

Q: Quite a smackdown on these stocks today. I'm still not in this group, but wondering if I shouldn't dip into them a bit. In what order would you rate these, in terms of (potential) viability?

I notice that Hexo's company profile states it's a "consumer packaged goods cannabis company" ... which suggests, then, that they don't grow their own. Is it better, in this industry, to grow your own ... or to be at arm's length, and be more of a repackager and distributor?

Even with the smackdown, would you (Peter or Ryan) get into the sector at all?

Read Answer Asked by Sylvia on July 15, 2019

Q: I have both APHA and OGI. Given the recent drop of APHA and OGI and the short term concensus for APHA, do you think there would be any benefit to selling off APHA and replace it with more OGI since it seems the belief now is that the entire sector got hit because of APHA results?? Would OGI be in a better position to make up the loss than APHA would be??

Read Answer Asked by Rob on April 17, 2019

Q: What are your thoughts on Organigrams' last two Quarterly reports? Combined together, it shows OGI made 35 cents over the previous 6 months. If this type of earnings power is sustainable, Organigram looks like its pretty attractive at these levels, in my opinion. Are there any one time items during the previous 2 Q reports that would account for the impressive eps numbers. From my perspective, both reports look pretty clean.

I appreciate your thoughts.


Read Answer Asked by john on February 04, 2019

Q: Greetings.

OrganiGram has put together 2 really strong sequential quarters combining for 35 cents earnings. Annualize 35 cents from the 2 previous quarters and the stock is trading under 10x forward earnings.

Is there anything in the Q report that indicates a significant portion of these earnings are from one time items. It looks like a pretty clean report to me.

What are your thoughts on OrganiGram's Quarterly report?


Read Answer Asked by john on February 01, 2019