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Investment Q&A

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Q: I have put in approx $1000 in each of the 7 companies after yesterdays drop, do you see a potential for increase in the short term say 6 months to 1 year? Why is there so much interest in FIRE lately?

Read Answer Asked by SAMAR on February 16, 2021

Q: Does this make sense? Thanks!
This is an incredibly simple idea for any Tilray shareholders but it is also a good one. Tilray (TLRY) and Aphria (APHA) are combining. They will become one, probably by August. So if you own Tilray, you will still own TLRY shares by then. If you own Aphria, you’ll own TLRY shares by then, too. But if you invest the same number of dollars in Aphria, you’ll end up with more TLRY. More TLRY is better than less. Today, the deal is worth $53.51 in TLRY shares for each Aphria share you own. That is a $27.21 net spread above today’s Aphria market price.
EACH Aphria share WILL GET 0.8381 TLRY shares.

Read Answer Asked by Austin on February 12, 2021

Q: I know you are not a fan of the weed stocks but being a long time holder of Aphria I think with the change of mindset in the US and the reverse merger coming and adding in the sweetwater deal that good things might emerge here. I believe once this marriage happens a large multinational will finally make a buy in offer. If canopy growth did not have the buy in from constellation they would not be trading where they are as they constantly lose money. I would appreciate your thoughts please.

Read Answer Asked by STEVE on February 03, 2021

Q: Hi folks, can get your opinion of the merger between Aphria & TIlray. Aphria paid a 23% premium to hook up with tilray, to become the largest POT company. Investment community & analysts don't seem to like the deal...but I think Irwin Simon is the right person to run the new company, and has the brains/experience to make the new company successful & profitable. Can I please get your thoughts on the merger, and the future of the "new" Tilray. Thanks & Joyeux Noel, jb, Piedmont QC

Read Answer Asked by John on December 18, 2020

Q: Re Marijuana Stocks..
Each State in the USA needs money. Do you think the need for money will encourage a State to legalize marijuana. How many States have legalized it and how many are looking to legalize it. Green Thumb had a good quarter. What are your thoughts and which Companies do you recommend. What about TLRY & HEXO. Biden's running mate is Pro marijuana.

Looks like USA will have to implement a Sales Tax like we have in Canada to pay for their deficit. RAK

Read Answer Asked by bob on August 17, 2020

Q: Most mj stocks are down -80% from their "highs"

Was this a market bubble much like jr mining stocks in 2007? Were participants led by greed to speculate in assets which they did not know how to value?

Read Answer Asked by malcolm on January 06, 2020

Q: Hello Peter,
I would appreciate some explanation as to why investors may see the equity investment into Canopy (Constellation) and Cronos (Altria) as more positive than joint partnerships formed by Hexo (Molsons) and Tilray (Anheuser-Busch). I would think the partnerships show greater commitment by Hexo and Tilray management not to give up so much control of the companies. However, the equity investment could be seen as infusing cash and they are US companies (Constellation and Altria) with lots of exposure. Would you diversify your monies across all four or forget Hexo and Tilray as the market does not seem to like what they did or atleast not as much as Canopy and Cronos. Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on February 01, 2019

Q: Hello Peter,
Tilray's lock period came about mid januarly and the CEO said he would not sell any share in the first half of 2019 which was a positive sign. However, later, we find that he did sell. Here is an extract from Barrons that explains why he sold (sorry for the long text below but i wanted a clarification). From what i gather, the sale had not much to do with selling due to lock up expiring but more to do with restricted shares that had to be sold for IRS purposes; hence, the CEO was not misleading anyone. Please confirm. Second, I am looking at acreage holdings, ACRG. The US company just went public a few months ago but has high profile people on the board (i.e. a US senator, and Brian Mulroney). Does this give Acreage any bonus points in terms of an investment? Thanks very much. Please Tilray article below from Barrons.

Two of Tilray’s top executives recorded stock sales last week, the first insider sales at the marijuana producer since it went public in July.

Tilray CEO Brandan Kennedy, in a form he filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission, disclosed the Jan. 24 sale of 149,916 Tilray shares for $11.1 million. That’s an average sale price of $74.21 per share. Woody Pastorius, chief revenue officer, recorded the sale of 20,578 shares the same day for $1.5 million, an average of $74.21 each.

Considering that Tilray stock was priced at $17 per share for its initial public offering, Kennedy and Pastorius are selling stock at more than four times that IPO price.

But this isn’t a case of executives cashing in on a hot stock less than a year after the IPO. The sales recorded in both executives’ forms were a matter of complying with Tilray’s vesting policy for restricted stock units (RSUs). When an RSU vests and becomes a stock, the Internal Revenue Service considers that a “taxable event” subject to withholding and payment.

Kennedy had 375,000 RSUs vest on Jan. 23 while Pastorius had 50,000 RSU vest the same day.
A Tilray spokeswoman noted that neither Kennedy nor Pastrorius sold “any of the net settled shares for personal gain”

Kennedy also serves as executive chairman of Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based private-equity firm. Earlier this month, so-called Tilray “lockups” expired, allowing early investors including Privateer to sell their Tilray stock. Privateer issued a statement that it wouldn’t sell, which helped shore up the stock.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on January 31, 2019

Q: Good Morning 5i Do you have any idea as to why Tilray is rising so fast? I'm holding long on Canopy for this sector and not intending to sell this year. And not intending to buy Tilray. Is Tilray's rise likely to pull upward sp of WEED up faster? Also talk of large short positions in the sector. Any background thoughts on what is happening as we approach Oct. 17th. ?

Read Answer Asked by Randy on September 19, 2018

Q: Hello Peter,
Namaste seems to follow the Amazon model and if they get the medical sales license, they could do quite well given their international exposure. Signing a deal with Tilray was a good endorsement;however, it is unclear at this point, what really transpired that would cause Tilray to cancel the agreement. I have not seen any official release from either company other than the Quebec newspaper article. The stock is down quite a bit. What should one do in this case? If the agreement is truly cancelled, should one sell or hang on as the overall model looks good. My concern is could the perception of the company be ruined and hence investor perception? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by umedali on September 18, 2018

Q: I feel the pot stocks have entered a bubble not unlike the tech bubble in 2000.

I think there could be a lot of money made on the short side here. Can you please suggest 2 or 3 stocks
In this area that you think have the highest chance of going to or near zero one this bubble bursts. Both US and Canadian equities.



Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on September 07, 2018

Q: Hi Peter,
I have extracted part of your reply to the question on Cronos , "The cross-border issue is one problem. It is hard to take action in other countries". I know you cannot guess or speculate, but can you shed light on why the short sellers have not been after Canopy or Tilray that have extreme valuations yet Citron was keen on issuing reports on companies like Shopify. I would appreciate you insights. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on August 31, 2018