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Q: In the U.S. part of my non registered Account I have a small gain on LSCC and am thinking of selling and purchasing one of the other 5 U.S. stocks. Could you rate the 5 options I have listed with your opinion of each (best first). Would you agree with my selling of LSCC and purchasing the best of the 5 options I have listed or should I continue to hang on to LSCC.
Thanks John

Read Answer Asked by John on May 03, 2021

Q: I have 5 companies that I have been watching and researching for awhile. I would like to narrow it down to 2. Could you give me an opinion on each and whether they can keep up the positive movement in the future? What does their their debt and future growth look like? Could you please rank them with the best first.
As always thank you for your most helpful guidance.

Read Answer Asked by John on March 24, 2021

Q: Have $12,000.00 to invest, current BMO Inv Line allocation is as follows:
Communication 8%
Cons Disc 21%
Cons Staples 13%
Energy 6%
Financials 32%
Health Care 11%
Info Tech 1%
Companies held AW, RBC, SLF, SBUX, WMT, BCE, PFZ,SIS, BB, ENB, TNY, HEXO,VTR,ParkLawn

Would appreciate your thoughts on how I could deploy the cash.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 30, 2020
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