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Q: Dear 5i team.

In a cleanup, what order would you sell these in?
Which of them are bankruptcy candidates in the foreseeable future if you had to venture an educated guess.

After watching XBC go bankrupt, these penny stocks seem destined for the same result.

Many thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Arthur on January 31, 2023

Q: In my holding company trading account with a year-end of Oct 31, I plan to sell these losers in the next few days to offset earlier capital gains. I expect that these companies may drop even further during the tax loss selling season. Do you see any potential for any of these companies that might lead me to buy back the shares after 30 days?

Read Answer Asked by Brendon on October 07, 2022

Q: can you rank with emphasis on potential .. cash on hand... moat a nd off the radar to scalpers and shorting

Read Answer Asked by cliff on June 01, 2022
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