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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I hold BBTV, XBC, STC, MBCN & THNK Stocks they are all down from the time I bought them. Unfortunately, they are all in registered accounts so I cant claim a loss. Each of them is about 1% of my portfolio. Which one do you think I should sell and in which order I should sell or do you still think they are still worth holding for few years.

Thanks for the great service

Read Answer Asked by Hector on July 28, 2021

Q: Hi Gents,

No secret that these 3 stocks are ones recommended by Bruce Campbell on BNN. I've followed him a bit in the past and found he seems to like the type of stocks that 5i does, one of his past reccos was LSPD DOC, etc.

He recommended the above 3 stocks this week and just wanted to know what your professional opinion is of these 3.

They differ from those held in the 5i ports, the writeup on them are interesting and rather unique, your comments historically on them (although not plentiful) seem pretty positive.

So if you took a fresh look at the 3 of them, their outlook for growth, and their investability do you agree with him that they all have significant runway and seem to be credible companies with good management?

Appreciate your view here.



Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on March 29, 2021

Q: Looking for a Canadian company with great growth prospects that may be 'unloved' today. From a pure growth perspective, how would you rank the three for a new position today?

BBTV and REAL don't (yet) seem to be getting much mention on Reddit and other forums that I follow - indicating to me that there may be an opportunity on top of growing fundamentals?


Read Answer Asked by Cameron on March 18, 2021

Q: Happy New Year 5i and team
I have a well balanced RRIF with significant gains thanks to your advice and have 2 questions:
Do you still look for a strong 2021 in the Canadian market and which sectors are likely to be the leaders ?
Specifically, I am a bit under with a small position in BBTV in that RRIF. Should I consider selling and what 3 names should have better potential for long term growth from here ?
Thanks for your continued advice

Read Answer Asked by Linda on January 13, 2021

Q: I reviewed your recent answer to a question on Haivision and wanted to follow up. I have had some success profiting from DND on the IPO and a less pleasant experience with BBTV. I am wondering if you can dig a little deeper on Haivision to help me understand if it's more of an LSPD/DND/NVEI company in terms of opportunity vs BBTV which sounded exciting? Does Haivision have a large TAM and if so, is it a market already dominated by a few players or is Haivision a pioneer or one of the early entrants? Who do they compete against (US or Canada) and are they growing more quickly or more slowly than the competition? Lastly, if there are major competitors, does Haivision have any unique offerings that give them an advantage?

Thanks as always for your thoughtful and profitable replies!

Read Answer Asked by Tim on December 23, 2020

Q: For a 3- 5 year hold,please list the following companies,best first, for their potential to generate capital gains:bbtv,kxs,dnd,dcbo,real and nvei.Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by maurice on December 18, 2020

Q: I'm trying to get my old fart head around BBTV. { When my TV asks me to hook up to the internet I stare at it with a blank expression } . But I have read your blog on it and if I am reading it correctly it doesn't have " good " market share it has " massive " market share in their product. But just what is their product ? " What is " unique video " ? How big a market is this ? And reading further in the blog it explains how they make money . Well I don't see a whole lot of overhead there . Just take your cut . So why are the revenues they are reporting not profit ? As I read it they had $120 million revenue and lost $11.5 million . Why are they losing money ? Could you please briefly explain your blog assuming you are explaining it to a tech idiot { cause I am a tech idiot } . I see Mr Market is so far unimpressed and I'm wondering why ? If one were to put a per share valuation on the company based on what they paid for the part they didn't own. What would that share price be ?

Read Answer Asked by Garth on November 24, 2020