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Q: Hi Gents,

No secret that these 3 stocks are ones recommended by Bruce Campbell on BNN. I've followed him a bit in the past and found he seems to like the type of stocks that 5i does, one of his past reccos was LSPD DOC, etc.

He recommended the above 3 stocks this week and just wanted to know what your professional opinion is of these 3.

They differ from those held in the 5i ports, the writeup on them are interesting and rather unique, your comments historically on them (although not plentiful) seem pretty positive.

So if you took a fresh look at the 3 of them, their outlook for growth, and their investability do you agree with him that they all have significant runway and seem to be credible companies with good management?

Appreciate your view here.



Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on March 29, 2021
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