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Investment Q&A

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Q: Morning 5i,
Is the recent very sharp drop in VMC due to one investor pulling the plug and dumping a large volume of shares, or is there more to it than that? I haven't been able to find any news that would explain the one day drop of around 50% and wonder what might have caused it.
And although I don't hold many shares, I also wonder if I should follow suit and put the money to work elsewhere, or if you think this recent decline might be temporary and it might work itself back up to at least the $4 range.? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on March 28, 2022

Q: Hi
I have Spark in my portfolio.
I have taken my initial investment off the table when the stock went up to 2.50
it has now dropped by 50 % since its high ,
Why the sudden and sharp drop in the stock

re bus sector , I have all 3 stocks in my portfolio , if i want to narrow down to one ,which would you recommend . is there any other bus stock that you would suggest instead of the current 3 that i hold

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Howard on December 21, 2021

Q: Hello,
Out of the three companies, can you please provide which one is a better buy and why? New Flyer seems to get contracts, but i am assuming their update on supply chain issues and now an offering is holding the stock back. However, would appreciate your thoughts in which one you think will do well. Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on November 17, 2021

Q: This past February, I purchased the following 3 stocks: NOU; VMC; and FLT. At the moment, each is down 51%. I have capital gains I would like to offset in my non-registered account, by selling at least 2 of these stocks.
Which one of the 3 stocks would you be inclined to hold onto, for at least another year?

Read Answer Asked by Jim on November 06, 2021

Q: Hello Peter,
Whenever i look up the quote for NFI group, there is normally a news release of more orders and yet the stock hardly moves. With the EV craze, I would have expected more from this company with respect to rise in stock price.. Is there a better pick in this industry?

Read Answer Asked by umedali on July 22, 2021

Q: Morning 5i,
After its earnings report yesterday VMC has risen about 14% as I write this, to $7.20. NFI meanwhile, is trading at $25.63. My question is: relative to NFI and using it as the benchmark, in your opinion is VMC trading at a premium or a discount and, if so, by how much and what do you think accounts for or explains that premium or that discount? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 18, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
Doing some Sunday morning tinkering, and have noted that in Portfolio Analytics you classify NFI and VMC as Consumer Cyclical. Could you explain the rationale for that, because if I follow that classification for those 2 companies it has quite an impact on my actual and recommended sector weightings. I had thought they were both broadly Industrials before being further fine tuned to machinery and heavy equipment, based on the products they provide and the "consumers" (municipalities mainly) of those products.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 18, 2021