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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: HI Peter and Staff
Your top picks in consumer cyclical have been pretty consistent, ATZ,LNF,GOOS,DOO,MG.......last week you had DOL included. I have all of the ones listed in my basket , I also have CTC.A and it has been good to me though most of the gains were a few years ago. I did have DOL until I sold it a few months back a week or so before I had a run of course.....Can you please give me your thesis on whether a swap from CTC.A to DOL is suggested if taxes are triggered of CTC.A sale.....I am up 77%.....Alternatively ( please charge credits as you see fit), I have sold many losers to see them run back up....should I take my lumps on REAL and replace with DOL?
Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on May 04, 2021

Q: What do you think of this twenty stock dividend portfolio for a taxable account? I am focusing on high quality and it yields about 3.8% . Any changes you would make?

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on April 29, 2021

Q: For an Income balance portfolio which stocks and/or EFT would you recommended for Consumer cyclical and Consumer discretionary sectors? Preferably with some dividend to keep the desired Income Portfolio as a goal. As to my last question I also ask you for recommendations for an Income Balanced Portfolio for stocks and/or EFT in a Consumer Defensive sector.
Thank you,
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Miroslaw on February 11, 2021

Q: Good day,
I hold BEP.UN;BEPC;BBU;CCL.B;ENB;EMA;H;FTS;CTC; and BAM in a non registered account and thanks to you I have done very well following your Q & A and portfolios. I am down 43% in SU; down 23% in CPD; down 16% in IPL and 6% in POW. Would you add to the winners? Add to the temporary losers or ADD new ones. After today, am tempted to add to SU for sure. Have RRIF and TFSA with pretty balanced sectors. Overall, Overweight in Utilities, Financials and okay with that. Many thanks, Paul

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 16, 2020

Q: I am considering purchase of one of the following 3, CTC, BNS, LB.

If one were to analyze the decision to purchase one of the 3 according to dividends only.

The question is spending 100 000 dollars to purchase any given one of the 3 today, along with the following assumptions, hold x 10 years, no dividend cuts and ongoing ANNUAL dividend growth at present rate (based on present dividend and last years' dividend growth)
CTC present dividend 1.038 dividend growth last year 13 %
BNS present dividend 0.87 and dividend growth last year 5.9%
LB present dividend 0.65 and dividend growth last year 4.2%

At the end of 10 years, WHAT WOULD MY DIVIDEND FOR EACH be in dollars ?

(I can't seem to get the math right and can't find a website calculator to help me.)

Your opinion about the PROS AND CONS of my approach to dividend investing would also be welcome.

Read Answer Asked by Ernest on March 20, 2019

Q: I'm looking to invest a small amount of money for an 8 year old, primarily to introduce him to investing. I'd like to invest in companies that he can see the name of around the city, or in his hand to make it 'real' to him. Are there 2-3 such companies that you could recommend for a keen youngster? An ETF that includes recognizable companies to a child is an option, if you can recommend one also.

Read Answer Asked by Lois on March 18, 2019