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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi,

Long time subscriber and was curious as to the weightings of these four stocks in the BP. ranging from 1.15% to 1.76%. Conventional wisdom is that as weightings get closer to 1%, any movement has less effect on the overall portfolio.

What does one look for to justify holding on to these smaller holdings? I have a long time frame, and I know three of the four are recent additions, with OTEX being increased once.

Just looking for my held to be held, I suppose.

Thanks in advance.
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on July 04, 2024
Q: I am considering starting new positions or adding to existing positions in a number of these companies. In What order would you purchase these companies, from first to last? Is there any of these companies you would not currently buy? Looking at 3 to 5 year timeline..

Apologies for number of companies!! Please deduct appropriately.


Read Answer Asked by Timothy on February 14, 2024
Q: I just dumped DOO for tax loss and need a proxy in that C Discretionary space. Can you advice on a couple of options?

I suspect some C Discretionary CO’s might have some momentum here as well.
Read Answer Asked by Patrick on November 30, 2023
Q: Within the 3 5iR portfolios, what are the stocks that would be considered "dividend growers"?...Thanks.... Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on September 27, 2023
Q: I am looking for a replacement for cae in the industrials. Already own wsp, mg, tfi. Also can you give me 3 or 4 solid companies with little dept and low valuations.
Thanks Steve
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on July 26, 2023
Q: If you held the following smaller cap stocks in positions of 0.5% to 1.0% of your total stock portfolio, and wanted to reduce the number of holdings by selling several of them and using the money to add to others, which ones would you sell and which ones would you add to: ACQ, ADEN, AEP, AND, CHW, CJ, DCM, ECN, GEO, HPS.A, LNF, NOA, PRL, QIPT, RCH, RET.A, SFC, STLC, SVI, TVE, WELL, XTC. Assume overall portfolio is well diversified so sectors not a consideration, and that this is the riskier part of portfolio, so, higher risk is fine. Would be great if you could pare this list of 22 stocks down to about 10-15. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Dan on April 24, 2023
Q: Best Canadian small cap dividend growers that have delivered shareholder value to date and have the potential continue to do so in the future. Your current opinion?
Read Answer Asked by Lawrence on February 14, 2023