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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: If you held the following smaller cap stocks in positions of 0.5% to 1.0% of your total stock portfolio, and wanted to reduce the number of holdings by selling several of them and using the money to add to others, which ones would you sell and which ones would you add to: ACQ, ADEN, AEP, AND, CHW, CJ, DCM, ECN, GEO, HPS.A, LNF, NOA, PRL, QIPT, RCH, RET.A, SFC, STLC, SVI, TVE, WELL, XTC. Assume overall portfolio is well diversified so sectors not a consideration, and that this is the riskier part of portfolio, so, higher risk is fine. Would be great if you could pare this list of 22 stocks down to about 10-15. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Dan on April 24, 2023
Q: RET/RET..A reported Q4 and annual earnings on April 13...annual earnings $1.59...$2.10 in cash....virtually zero debt...inventories well in excess of trade payables...yet the negative reaction was quite severe. Over the past several months, the spread between the A/non-voting shares and the voting shares has ranged between 4 and 30%..with volumes. Interested in your views on this reaction and what you would consider a reasonable PE multiple for a company like Reitman's.
Read Answer Asked by Robert on April 19, 2023
Q: Could you please suggest an approach by which to initiate building a
position in Reitmans common shares; which seem to be weakening
slightly over the last few sessions, following the big move up after
the refinancing. The stores have continued to look attractive throughout
the company's troubles and some attractive location repositioning has
taken place in my area. The merchandizing tools all seem to have been
sharpened for the new era, and Penningtons would seem to be a potential beneficiary of a larger (!) clientele coming out of the pandemic.
Thanks for any thoughts you can offer.
Read Answer Asked by Howard on March 07, 2022
Q: Peter and His Wonder Team
I know they have extended there bankruptcy protection until the end of January 2022. They also reported improved earnings after closing 27 stores. So the stock has jumped today. So your opinion please...I thought they were dead in the water and my stocks were worthless. Is there any possible further improvement or should I sell while I have a chance? Thanks...your opinion is always helpful.
Read Answer Asked by Ernest on October 06, 2021
Q: Hi Team,

I have owned RET.A for a few years now and I am under water on this position. Is the stock worth holding on to or is it best to sell and move on? And what stocks would you recommend as alternatives in the Canadian market with good upside potential?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by David on March 12, 2019
Q: Hi 5i research team,
Besides nice weather, do you see any reasons why RET.a is doing better for the past few days? Volume is barely higher than median volume. It looks better technically (ma50 crossing over ma100). If nothing has changed: what would a good technical level to sell (at a small loss fiscally deductible)? Is it worth being patient for the ma50 and/or ma100 to cross over the ma200? The ex-dividend date is coming later this week (5 cents). RET.a remains cheap after accounting for the cash on the balance sheet. Thank you for your collaboration, Eric
Read Answer Asked by Eric on July 10, 2018
Q: Suggestions for value stocks, any industry, and under 2 billion market cap? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Tyler on December 19, 2017
Q: If you could comment on Reitman's results please, that were released on Wednesday.

Same store sales up near 8%, on-line continues to grow very nicely, slight profit miss due to weak CAD, all seems pretty good, considering that YoY had 90 less retail outlets. Decent divi as well.

Stock is trading down though. Given that this is fairly thinly traded, is it just a few people deciding there are better 'stories' elsewhere, or is there more (meaning less!) to the story than I'm seeing, and it's time to leave as well. Your thoughts are very appreciated. Thanks...,
Read Answer Asked by Warren on April 03, 2017
Q: Peter and His Wonder Team
I thought there 3rd Quarter results reflected progress as they have closed 85 stores and are restructuring. However the stock dropped 2.58%. So what happened? Was Mr.Market the whole sector loss selling...apparel stocks are out of favour...or all of the above? Ha!Ha! Your thoughts please!
With appreciation...
Dr.Ernest Rivait
Read Answer Asked by Ernest on December 05, 2016