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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: What is your opinion of North American Construction Group (NOA)? Results out last night indicated they are forecasting adjusted EBITDA of $450 million for the year, at the mid point of their guidance. Trading at only 1.7 times that, which looks quite cheap, although the debt does look a bit higher than you would like to see, at about 2 times the adjusted EBITDA forecast. I'm thinking the acquisition of McKellar should give them some good future growth.
Read Answer Asked by Dan on May 03, 2024
Q: Which stocks will benefit with lots of new housing expected to be built and What other stocks will benefit from the budget?. Which stocks can possibly hurt.
Read Answer Asked by Nizar on April 23, 2024
Q: Happy Easter.
Are HMM & HPS related ? Do you favor 1 over the other or would you put new $ 50/50 ? How (what tickers) would you split your infrastucture allotment overall ?
In addition to base metals etc, we have STN, AOS, PAVE, NUE, BN. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Paul on April 01, 2024
Q: Hi 5i,
Could you compare and contrast PSI, TVK and NOA, with risk and total return over the next three years being the primary concerns. I'm considering them because I've done well with KEY since buying in 2020 and adding here and there since then, and think it may be time to sell a third of KEY and re-invest the proceeds. Registered account.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on April 01, 2024
Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

The last question about NOA was on April 21. Do you still hold the same views?

I'm wondering why this stock is classified as 100% energy. When I look at their website, they seem to have a large stake in non-energy sectors, like metals and mining.

Finally, does 5i hold much stock (sorry) in the "Recent Breakouts" column in the Globe and Mail? NOA was recently featured.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on June 23, 2023
Q: If you held the following smaller cap stocks in positions of 0.5% to 1.0% of your total stock portfolio, and wanted to reduce the number of holdings by selling several of them and using the money to add to others, which ones would you sell and which ones would you add to: ACQ, ADEN, AEP, AND, CHW, CJ, DCM, ECN, GEO, HPS.A, LNF, NOA, PRL, QIPT, RCH, RET.A, SFC, STLC, SVI, TVE, WELL, XTC. Assume overall portfolio is well diversified so sectors not a consideration, and that this is the riskier part of portfolio, so, higher risk is fine. Would be great if you could pare this list of 22 stocks down to about 10-15. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Dan on April 24, 2023
Q: Chesswood, North American Construction and Hammond Power Systems all produced some very good Q3 results. All look very cheap on a p/e basis. Would like to hear some comments about each as possible purchases in a diversified portfolio. I hold some HPS, but not the other 2.
Read Answer Asked by Dan on November 09, 2022
Q: If you had a well balanced portfolio and were looking to add some medium to small sized companies that were involved in industrial activity of various types, how would you feel about each of these companies on a scale of 1 to 10, with a 10 being a stock you definitely want to add right now, a 1 being a stock you have absolutely no interest in, and a 5 being a stock you thought was not bad, but not good enough to want to buy it. Say you have a risk tolerance of about a 7, with 10 being high and 1 being low. Looking for long term total return. ANRG, DIR.UN, FTT, GDI, HDI, ITP, NOA, XTC.
Read Answer Asked by Dan on January 09, 2022