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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: There are a lot of prices outside of Tech, that are higher today than 2 - 5 Yrs ago. The ratings on a lot of these individual stocks, can also vary from "strong buy" to "overvalued". Given what we are going through with Covid, this has me concerned.
I really just want the dividend's and the original investment back, in say 15 Years. How ill advised would I be, to drop down to the above and maybe a few more like them. I will not out live hydrocarbons.

Read Answer Asked by Cacey on April 20, 2021

Q: In view of the PROBABLE acquisition by AT&T ( of Time Warner, would AT&T now appear more pretty in your eyes now than it seems to have been in the past? (I am unable to see some past responses) . OR do you believe that political and regulatory uncertainty over the AT&T proposal is such that is still not attractive enough to hold, notwithstanding the Time Warner possibility. AT&T's attractive dividend is all very well but not if growth is unlikley.

I have both Vodafone and AT&T ( in a registered account. VOD gives me Europe and India exposure. VOD has also been strong past couple of days, but I am not clear why.
Given my comments above , which one (IF ANY) would you sell and PLEASE your reasoning would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

PS: Previously on your site there was a link to questions one has asked oneself. Is that feature still available? Not critical for me, but was handy when I didn’t get émail that my question had been answered.

Read Answer Asked by Adam on November 16, 2017

Q: How do Canadian telecoms compare to US or European telecoms? If attempting to build a globally-diversified portfolio, which region would you suggest an investor go to for telecom exposure? Which companies would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

Read Answer Asked by Jonathan on January 19, 2017