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Review of Cipher Pharmaceuticals

AUG 16, 2018 - Dermatology pharmaceutical business with recent acquisition and growth in product pipeline, with some mixed results in the past. Coverage dropped until some visibility emerges.

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Q: Doing a year end review of all of my holdings. I would like to reduce my position in several stocks (or eliminate entirely in the case of HR.UN and CPH) in order to raise some cash for increasing my position in several other holdings. Fairly large question, so I will divide it into 2, this for the potential reductions and a further question about the potential adds. Would you please rank these stocks in the order you would reduce or eliminate to raise some cash, starting with the one you would be most inclined to reduce/eliminate. Sector, or large cap/small cap not a concern, as I have a broadly diversified portfolio with a lot (too many, really) of names. Thank you for this, and also for the very good service. My 1st year as a client, and I will certainly be renewing. I have recommended the site to a few friends who also do investing.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on December 20, 2020

Q: Trying to reduce the number of stocks I hold. Currently I am broadly diversified across sectors and large cap/small cap, growth/dividend payers, so those are not concerns. I look at total return, and have a long term horizon, 5+ years. Comfortable with risky stocks. I have smallish positions in these 12 stocks and would like to sell maybe 6 to 8 of them, and redeploy the money into a few of the others on the list or into some of my other holdings. Would you select 6 - 8 of the above that you think are less likely to perform well over 5+ years, and could be sold, and maybe 2 - 4 that could be added to. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on November 18, 2020

Q: Thanks for your ongoing non-biased advice.
I have three DOGS in my non registered account ...... Baylin Technologies (BYL) with No Dividend, Cipher Pharma (CPH) with No Dividend and Pason Systems (PSI) that has a 3.5% Dividend.
Please analyze each account for future growth prospects, survivability etc.
My strategy is to double-down and buy more of each stock in my wife's non registered account during tax loss season because her income is very low ......... then wait 30 days and sell the above stocks after 30 days in my registered account either this year or next year.
Hope this strategy makes

Read Answer Asked by Daniel A> on November 16, 2020
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