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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: In a TFSA, with a focus on growth and a timeline that can be 3 years or more. I am fine with high beta and the fact that these are all at, or close to, their 52-week highs.
I have enough cash for a new, full position in just two of these stocks. The only tech I own is LSPD, hence SHOP is not in my list of 5 potentials here.
Based on fundamentals (EPS, P/E, P/B, & ROE), GSY ranks 1st or 2nd on every metric. Which would you like for a second choice that compliments GSY?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on October 26, 2020

Q: Without regard to sector what are you top picks in cyclicals also renewable sectors?

Read Answer Asked by Roy on October 13, 2020

Q: Hi,
I'd like long term hold of five years, preferably without too much volatility. Which 2 or 3 stocks would be your best bet and why?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on October 08, 2020

Q: Hi 5iTeam,
Please recommend 2 stocks and 2 etfs in each of Canadian and US markets with or without dividend, for a 25 to 30 years hold.

Read Answer Asked by Harry on September 09, 2020

Q: Hi i5,

According to "Buffett Indicator", when it's in the 70% to 80% range, it is time to throw cash at the market. When it moves above 100%, it's time to lean toward risk-off. Now Market Cap to GDP Ration > 100% means stocks in bubble territory. Do you think Canadian stocks may also in bubble territory? If US in bear market, do you think the above Canadian stocks which I am holding can be survived? Perhaps, should we start to off load which may be in danger during the bear market into cash, or switch among balance or income portfolio. Any suggestion?

Read Answer Asked by ma on August 14, 2020

Q: With the likelihood of a vaccine in the relative near term there will be a rotation out of a number of tech stocks. Based on this thesis I consider the following stocks which I own to be good candidates. BYD,PKI,TFII,WSP & EIF. Do you agree and if so could you list a few other candidates that would be a good fit. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on August 07, 2020

Q: Hi, Could you please post earning estimates for these companies for the quarter. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on August 05, 2020

Q: What are the prospects for badger daylighting in the next year? What companies in your balanced equity portfolio do you predict will have solid growth over the next Couple years?
Also your outlook for pho over the next year?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on July 27, 2020

Q: I have about a 1% weighting in each of the following names in my portfolio: MX, PLC, BYD, MTY, ALA, NFI, TFII, GIB.A, MFC, SIS.
I want to refocus by eliminating 3 or 4 of these. Sector allocation is not a factor. Please suggest 3-4 names to eliminate (list the most obvious to eliminate first) and 2-3 good candidates to boost today (best first).

Read Answer Asked by Christian on July 22, 2020

Q: hello 5i Research team,
I am currently cash only in my usd account. I have enough cash for one position. I have already well diversified portfolios exclusively in Canadian stocks and I am a long term investor. What 5 stocks would you recommend I buy in order of preference please? Thank you for your collaboration, Eric

Read Answer Asked by Eric on June 30, 2020

Q: Hi 5i, Can you please recommend/pick 3 stocks, so that 20 years from now I can say: I'm very happy I invested on them. Comes to mind techology, pharma, defense, etc

Read Answer Asked by Fernando on June 30, 2020

Q: Greetings 5i team,
I realize that these companies are not from the same sector but am looking at a hybrid recovery/mixed industries theme for the purchase of two or three of these companies.
How would you rank them in order of priority for a min 3 yr hold?
Thank you for your work
P.S. Based on the feedback I have read on Portfolio Analytics, I have become more tempted to give it a try

Read Answer Asked by Steve on June 26, 2020

Q: 3 questions
- is MX a good opportunity at this point in its cycle? (give me some thought on the cyclical nature of this company
- What other Brookfield stock should be purchased to go with Bam or should I just stick to the parent company Thanks for your help on this
- Good entry point for BYD or wait a bit so far I have 140 shares @$200 (give me some thoughts on the price appreciation going fwd

Read Answer Asked by Terence on June 18, 2020

Q: Good morning,
I own a small house in Ottawa that is free and clear with a current market value of approximately $350,000.
A recent discussion with my trusted mortgage broker confirmed that a 5 year term (Closed & Fixed) term mortgage can be obtained at a rate of 2.29%. This mortgage is said to be:
a. insured through CMHC,
b. portable, and
c. transferable.
At that rate of 2.29% and given that the interest paid would be tax deductible if I use the funds for investment purposes, I'm seriously considering borrowing around $200,000 and investing this amount for an initial 5 year period with an expected net rate of return on investment of 4.5% .
Q1. With $200,000, what are your thoughts of splitting this amount in 5 different chunks of $40K in the following instruments:
a. Mawer Tax Effective Balanced Fund,
b. Mawer Global Balanced ETF Fund,
c. Vanguard Balanced ETF Portfolio,
d. IShares Core Balanced ETF Portfolio, and
e. BMO Balanced ETF

Q2. As an alternative to the above and given the 5 year time frame, would your preference be to invest the $200,000 in a selection of best in class individual stocks split between different sectors and if so, would you be so kind as to provide me with ya listing of your best ideas at this time.

I thank you and look forward to hearing your thoughts on both of these investment strategies.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on June 15, 2020