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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: In a previous answer to the question "10 companies to hold for 20 years" your team selected BYD as one of 10 long term holds.

I'm curious, why you would choose BYD over MG?

Self-driving vehicles will soon be prolific and likely all electric powered, I can only imagine a dramatic decline in accidents, servicing and repairs and way fewer moving parts (internal combustion engines) to replace.

Seems like BYD is on the wrong side of innovation.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on September 07, 2021

Q: With the drop in Chewy today, how would you rank it with the above Consumer Cyclical stocks?

Read Answer Asked by Neil on September 03, 2021

Q: I have enough money to top up one of my positions and bring it closer to 5%. These are the candidates. I am diversified, but maybe a little tech heavy. I have Topicus at 5% All are in my TFSA, so a growth tilt is appropriate. But I'm stuck in analysis paralysis. Does any one of these jump out at this time as a particularly good candidate to top up. I know you like them all, so I guess it is a bit like picking your favourite child. But go ahead and pick. Your insight will be appreciated, and much better than me flipping a coin.

Read Answer Asked by Gordon on August 20, 2021

Q: Earlier this year we created an equal weighted 'balanced' portfolio of 30 Canadian companies in a non-registered account. Most were chosen from companies either covered by a 5i research report or included in a 5i model portfolio. The remainder were chosen, based on the 5i Q&A section, from what appear to be 5i sector favourites. All purchases in the portfolio are made with the intent to be long-term holds (10+ years).

Our intent is to increase our investments in the 30 companies over time. We have recently increased our positions in BIPC and MG. At this time we would like to increase our investments in 10 of the remaining 28 companies. The intent is to increase the remaining 18 in approximately 6 months. Which 10 would you add to today? Please rank them, include a small blurb explaining each choice and indicate an approximate buy price. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 19, 2021

Q: May I have your opinion on selling a position in CAE(up 39%since purchase) and either starting a new position in ATA or adding to a 1% initial position in either ATZ or BYD? No tax consequences as CAE, ATZ & BYD are all held in TFSAs. We are retired seniors happy to hold higher risk growth/momentum stocks in our TFSAs. Thank you for your input, with your usual disclaimers.

Read Answer Asked by JANE on August 13, 2021

Q: Good morning all, your thoughts on new tfsa money split into the above companies? Is it too late to get into them? Thanks again as always.

Read Answer Asked by Darby on August 06, 2021

Q: CSU has been an amzing investment and thank you for your long standing recommendation. What would you consider the next most "CSU-like" company in terms of management and growth in any sector? Could you please provide one in Canada and one in US? Thanks so much. Please do not include TOI in your answer.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on August 05, 2021

Q: As of today, what would be your top 10 most stable Canadian companies, or ETF's, to invest in. Stable meaning those best able to ride out any market or economic downturn. Dividends are always nice but not essential. Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on July 22, 2021

Q: Hi 5I
We all know the importance of well managed companies and how it plays into long term success.
CSU has been one of the companies that has displayed a gold standard to this success.
In your professional opinions which other 5 companies show best management qualities for success for the long term? Regardless of sector. I'm not sure if you will be able to answer this question but thought it would be interesting even if some of the evidence is anecdotal.

Read Answer Asked by cal on July 20, 2021

Q: In a registered account I own CSU, DND, LSPD, BEP.UN, MG, BYD, TFII, TOI and WSP. FI am looking for 3 new companies for a TFSA. Ideally not a company listed above. Moderate risk and a 10 year outlook.

Thanks in advance!

Read Answer Asked by Dave on July 15, 2021

Q: Hi Guys....great service. Looking for an undervalued stock that you think could have a big rebound in the next 6 months to 1 you have a few on your radar?(US or Canada)Ö.thinking of something at least mid-cap....thx

Read Answer Asked by dan on July 13, 2021

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

Portfolio Analytics indicates that we're overexposed to the Consumer Cyclical Sector. Please rank the above three stocks from "sell some shares first" to "sell some shares last" so that we can free up some cash to put in the Materials sector, which is presently underrepresented. What are your favourites in the Materials sector? (Either stocks or ETFs in Canada or the US.) Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on June 28, 2021

Q: Hi guys, thanks for the excellent service. Generally TFSA is the place for high growth but my highest growth has been in my RRSP. Is there any compelling reason I should sell anything in RRSP and rebuy in TFSA (e.g., NVDA)? I realize I will be taxed on RRSP withdrawals while TFSA withdrawals are tax-free - but - my RRSP has a lot more cash than my TFSA so there isn't room to move all my growthy stuff over. Because of the relative size of RRSP to TFSA, if I were to do equal weighting of all stocks, I'd only have 4 different stocks in my TFSA, which perhaps is fine? Are there any obvious adjustments that you would make to the following:

XQQ 13.68%
VXC 12.03%
NVDA 7.64%
AAPL 6.70%
JPM 4.73%
BNS 4.52%
GOOG 4.32%
ENB 4.13%
MSFT 3.98%
AMZN 3.86%
RTX 3.51%
COST 3.42%
PG 3.11%
DIS 2.82%
CASH 1.32%

GSY 5.28%
CRWD 3.31%
VEEV 2.50%
ROKU 2.44%
SHOP 2.26%
WELL 0.85%
XBC 1.08%

LSPD 0.79%
BYD 0.76%

SLF 0.51%
T 0.42%


Read Answer Asked by Mark on June 23, 2021

Q: My portfolio, registered and unregistered is 62% equity 32% cash.
Have cash in both types of accounts, Iím 84 yrs old wife 74.

I currently hold the following equities. % total.

Aqn-3.26,bns-3.24,bam-3.24,byd-3.24,cae-2.48,car-un-3.74, Eif-1.21,enb-3.15-:mg-4.14,pbh-3.85,t-1.66,TFII-3.71,vdy-5.39,VFV-3.62,VFV-3.62,vgg-9.04,vvl-2.26, wsp-4.58.
Vgg is all in registered accounts.
Are there any equities you would considering no need to hold ?
Can you suggest any etf to add to either registered or unregistered account?

Read Answer Asked by Roy on June 08, 2021