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Investment Q&A

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Q: Yesterday, you mentioned that index funds must sell their shares. The stock yesterday started at $66 and now it is below $58. From the 39.4M shares outstanding, 3.5M have been traded so far in 2 days.
Is there a magic volume number to which we can say the the funds have finished selling?
Was this expected to drop after opening because of the reason which I have stated?

Read Answer Asked by Herm on February 03, 2021

Q: Hi Peter...More of a comment than a question...RBC Direct shows the book cost of our new TOI shares as $0.01 even though they also acknowledge that the stock opened at $66 per share. A book cost of $0.01 suggests a sizeable capital gain. I have spoken to RBC Direct but so far the book cost has not changed. I was thinking of transferring my TOI Margin account shares to my TFSA account where I also hold TOI shares as a contribution in-kind. However I don't want to trigger a big capital gain and then fight with RBC to get it corrected later. It's early days so I will monitor the share status and hopefully RBC will get it corrected. I suppose CRA will have the final say on wether the TOI shares are a dividend or not.

Read Answer Asked by James on February 02, 2021

Q: Hi, Another question on CSU/TOI relationship. CSU still has direct/indirect ownership of Topicus - How much of the new co. shares are owned by CSU and would it reflect in CSU stock price, once TOI started trading ? By default, in addition to the Topicus shares received from spin out, as CSU shareholders, we also own the same % of Topicus? We are trying to figure out that while continue to own Constellation shares, what would be a reasonable position to add to Topicus (received thro' dividend). Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on February 02, 2021

Q: Hi, Total Topicus subordinate voting shares issued to public and outstanding are 39.4 million, per the press release. (On a fully diluted basis total issued and outstanding shares are 129.8 mln -balance 90.4 mln held by CSU and Parent co. Investors ). Just trying to understand if the float of shares available for Trading is only 39.4 mln shares ? If so, what is % of this held by Institutions/Insiders ? Any comments on Trading on the 1st day - Looks like following the range as suggested in your comments .
Also, are you planning to add TOI:CA symbol on 5i portal soon ... Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on February 02, 2021