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Investment Q&A

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Q: Which of the above should be most positively affected by a dropping Canadian bank rate. Pls rate in most to least..
Read Answer Asked by Ron on June 04, 2024
Q: I see that Robin Van Poelje (ceo of Topicus) recently sold $11M in CSU shares which amounted to 99% of his shares held. When I look at Topicus shares I see that he holds a tiny amount in the company. Any idea what's going on there, this seems odd. Especially considering the CSU mgmt style and mgmt comp plan that promotes insider ownership.
Read Answer Asked by Adam on June 03, 2024
Q: By not listing in the US, are they in some way shielded from US shorts that target Canadian companies (sometimes for dubious reasons)?
Read Answer Asked by JR on June 03, 2024
Q: What would you consider good entry points for the noted stocks? Is there any you would not purchase at current levels?

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on May 23, 2024
Q: Hi group I have taken profits on QSR,MCD,GSY,BYD,WSP,CSU,ARC. So my question in what order and at what price do i get back in i own the others, as listed so please rate them also for adding same format. Thanks for your help with this
Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 17, 2024
Q: Hello Peter and team

To complement my all ETFs portfolio : VEQT 40%, QQQ 10%, VGT 10%, MOAT 10%, I intend to add 6 of the above 7 stocks for 5% each.
Does it make sense, please feel free to substitute and suggest other stocks and explain why.
This is for a 10 years hold with minimum or no trading in this account.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Raoul on May 16, 2024
Q: Good morning. Would it be fair to say that CSU is basically the tech version of BN? BN has, what six or seven children and CSU now has a set of twins. Do you see CSU continuing to give birth to more children?

And if so, at what point would you rather just own the kids and let the parent go, if ever?
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on May 10, 2024
Q: Regarding the CEO news for Topicus CEO Robin van Poelje disclosing a temporary role as Chairman and CEO at you comment to Frank
"It is fairly bizarre but we are sure Mr VP and TOI have some sort of plan thought out. A future acquisition wouldn't surprise us much. But there is really no information other than a brief press release to go on here."

- Your.World and are owned by Strikwerda Investments (Netherlands) Robin is married to the owners daughter and worked for Strikwerda who founded and sold TSS (Total Specific Solutions) to Constellation in 2013 (the family agreed to sell TSS so long as they could retain a 33% minority interest and Robin could remain as CEO) and as you know merged into what we know as Topicus in 2021.

Does this change your views?
Read Answer Asked by Michael on May 09, 2024
Q: Hello,
The announcement today of Topicus's CEO taking on additional roles have any longer term impact? Also, the shares are not moving much after the results. What is your overall view? You had recommended RSP as the symbol for equal weight ETF tracking 500 companies in US (to diversify from SPY which has lots of tech exposure). Is there a cdn equivalent for RSP. i cannot seem to find one. thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by umedali on May 09, 2024
Q: Hi, Both LMN and TOI faltered post earnings, Thursday, pulling the parent CSU down to the lowest level of past several months of trading. What is your read through to CSU earnings, from these two reports, if that's an indication of some nature ? Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on May 03, 2024
Q: Hello Peter,
You had provided Tppicus expected numbers: 34 cents for EPS and $292M Euros. The company beat the revenue numbers but was short on EPS; however , Cash flow per share grew. Analysts in general seem to focus on Revenue and EPS; When looking at analysts estimates, i dont see CF per share mentioned. Why is that? If i had to choose between sunlife, manulife and Fairfax, which one would be your top pick? There was an article in the Globe that Fairfax has a huge runaway when comparing to Berkshire.. Any comments please. Thanks very much.
Read Answer Asked by umedali on May 02, 2024
Q: Good afternoon all;

I currently own LMN and KXS in equal sized positions in TFSA's. I consider these my higher growth oriented emerging technology investments. I've held LMN since $30 and traded in and out of KXS between $100 and $200 since 2019.

My question is whether future investment gains would be better served trading out of KXS (which has performed historically but become frustrating and seems a laggard recently) and into Topicus (which seems a bit opaque).

Thanks as always,


Read Answer Asked by Dave on April 22, 2024