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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi 5i Team - Could you give a brief explanation of what VMS is. Also is this the main component of all three: CSU, Topicus and Lumine. I have some understanding of the operations of these three companies but am still somewhat confused as to their differences from each other. Are there any major competitors and if so could you name a couple. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Rob on April 28, 2023

Q: Hi, Lumine is hitting new highs, Today $18-$19. Any thoughts ? Also, does it change the reasonable entry price level to add some shares ( from the last suggested $13.50-$14). Is it prudent to wait for a couple of quarterly results, as a publicly traded entity ?

Our current ownership is only the original spun out shares received. ( about 0.35% holding)

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on April 26, 2023

Q: Have a couple of stocks in LSPD and SNAP that have performed poorly over the last year. Was thinking about replacing with Lumine Group and AEHR. Do you think a trade like this would make sense. Would there be other stocks that have high upside that you would also consider? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on April 18, 2023

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

A 5i member (Rajeev) stated in a recent question that he had an overweight core ownership of Constellation Software. We agree with you about the benefits of keeping the "free" TOI and LMN shares we received from these CSU spinoffs. However, does your answer imply that since we are presently overweight in Technology (largely because of CSU) should we consider reducing exposure to CSU? This would be a very hard thing to do, so it's a dilemma, to say the least!

As always, thanks for your insight.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on April 12, 2023

Q: Hello, after 2/3 weeks of trading, Lumine shares flirted with a low of $14 and now appears have bounced back above $15.50. Trading volume also appears be declining now. ( Initial few days traded a few millions shares each day ). Do you think, selling by Index funds/ETF's is almost done ? if so, would you still wait to buy/add until shares trade down to $12.50 - $13.50 level or $14 could be the near term floor ? Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on April 11, 2023

Q: Hi, What % of TOI and LMN common shares are owned by CSU ( including any preferred or other class to be converted to common, in future ). Also, what % of market capitalization of CSU, the two companies make up, respectively, based on current values. I guess, what we are trying to assess is that, to what extent and why it makes sense to own TOI and LMN shares, while already having an overweight core ownership of Constellation Software. Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on April 11, 2023

Q: The top spots on my watchlist contains the following names (Adyen doesn't come up in your search so it won't show in the company box above. Would you rank in which order you would add to or start a position in these names based on our current situation. The companies are ADYEN, DOO, EQB, LUMINE, BN, NVEI, Copart. Thx

Read Answer Asked by Adam on April 03, 2023

Q: Good morning Peter, Ryan, and Team,

In our combined accounts, Portfolio Analytics indicates that the Technology sector is overweight by 4.53%.

To reduce the overweight position to 2.76%, ENGH could be sold at a reasonable profit, given the length of time itís been held.

Our other holdings in this sector are CSU, KXS, TOI, and LMN. (If we also sold LMN, our new overweight position would drop to 2.62%) Would you endorse selling only ENGH or both ENGH and LMN to free up some $ for under-represented sectors?

Thanks as always for your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on March 30, 2023

Q: I have built up a position in TIXT and plan to hold it for a very very long time. I now also have some shares of LMN spun out from CSU. The LMN shares are approximately 1% of my CSU position and an even tinier fraction of the overall portfolio. Wondering if I should just roll the shares of LMN into my TIXT position and would be more inclined to do so if there is considerable overlap in their businesses. Your thoughts please?


Read Answer Asked by Joel on March 29, 2023

Q: Hi, Your thesis about trading of Lumine shares, during initial days makes sense and seems to be proving itself right. Brilliant !!! Based on no of shares already traded and more selling expected in coming days from the Index funds ( appx holding of LMN shares across Index board ), when and at what level, you expect the shares to settle, before it would be safe to start accumulating ? Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on March 28, 2023