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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have been steadily building a position in ATS over the past year.

Recently you answered a question ranking to buy ATS last for long-term growth potential, behind TRI, ATD & DOL.

Also from a recent response, ATSí eps was expected to increase by 50% next fiscal.

So Iím not sure where to put new money amongst the above companies. Thoughts?

Portfolio-building sometimes feels like making castles in the sand; it starts looking decent, then a wave comes out of the blue ;0)
Read Answer Asked by Trevor on February 09, 2024
Q: Making a large spousal RRSP contribution soon and am looking for guidance as to the best 3 or 4 stocks with a tilt toward growth that would compliment this group with a brief explanation as to thier merits and why they compliment the existing holdings. Initially had my sights set on DOL, ATS, CNR and IFC but not sure these would be the right choice to maximize compounding for someone with a very long investment horizon.

Wifeís portfolios currently include: ITOT, IEMG, XEF, AVGO, COST, SBUX, RY, FTS, BCE, ATD, DIR.UN, SHOP, GSY, BN, TOI, ATZ, NVEI
Most Mag 7 are owned in my own accounts with adequate exposure when considering combined portfolios so not looking for any of those.
Read Answer Asked by Matthew on February 02, 2024
Q: I hold ROP HEI WSP ATS TFII AXON VRT in the industrial sector. 5i has also recommended TT TDG RTX and URI. I would like to sort out which could be sold [in whole or in part] and which could be added to. For a long-term hold, which could go and which would you advise to be the core for this sector.
Read Answer Asked by sam on February 02, 2024
Q: Which 5 Canadian and 5 US companies would you buy for pure growth over the next 6 months? Can you provide a bullet for each on risk and main reasons for selection?
Read Answer Asked on January 31, 2024
Q: Hi Gang
Can you give a list of your top Industrial stocks for 2024

Thanks Mike B
Read Answer Asked by Mike on January 24, 2024
Q: Hello, I need to reduce my financials and beef up my industrials and materials. I own TD, RY and SLF, and will trim reluctantly as they have all done well for me over the years. I already have TFII, ATS, and NTR. What would you suggest for Industrials and materials. Add to existing or add new companies? As a retired sort, I prefer Canadian stocks eligible for the Dividend Tax Credit but iI am underweight the US so f you have much better US suggestions please advise.
Many thanks
Read Answer Asked by alex on January 19, 2024
Q: From this list of companies could any be a take over target in the next five years using your crystall ball
No commentary is required
Merry Christmas
Read Answer Asked by Marcel on December 21, 2023
Q: I have the above stocks in my TSFA account. All about equal weighted. Which stock would you add the $7000 2024 contribution to?

Or do you not favour any of the above and have another suggestion?

Thanks for everything and happy Holidays to everyone.

Read Answer Asked by David on December 18, 2023
Q: I am considering adding to current positions in these companies. I know timing is impossible to predict but which of these companies would you be adding to now and which would you wait given that we are heading in to end of year selling<

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on December 08, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,
In an otherwise balanced portfolio, I'm looking for some ideas for my TFSA.
Current holdings are KXS, LULU, HPS AND ATS.

I'm open to adding to the above names but was wondering if you
could you please recommend 10 Canadian and 10 US stocks that you feel would work well in a TFSA at this time in the market.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 30, 2023
Q: Reading recently one of members question about rating growth and risk of DOO, HPS and MG, how about adding ATS to the list as well which hasnít behaved well lately. Could you please rate them all together ?

Read Answer Asked by Lin on November 21, 2023