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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I had not previously followed TELUS because I already had BCE and AT&T. I recently threw in the towel on Vodaphone, although since then VOD is getting positive comments in some investing letters. I have however been intrigued by TELUS after I noticed its presence at clinics and hospitals . Telus invested in health-oriented companies and am further impressed by its recent acquisitioni of the Canadian part of ADT.
Would the strategies being followed by TELUS encourage you to start a position in TELUS? Is now morphing into a growth company too? Does it have the cash flow and earnings to continue aggressive growth strategies ?
AO:sh File Ref:

Read Answer Asked by Adam on August 20, 2020

Q: Firstly, thank you for your outstanding guidance.
The first 3 stocks havenít bounced back yet and are still quite a bit down. My question is -would it be better to try and recover $ in the Growth stocks listed below the 3 or reinvest with A&W, BMO, PRU and wait it out for another year.
I have positions in the growth stocks that could be deeper in BNS, Telus, Enbridge, TCP, Kinaxis, Qualcomm. And if you suggest that the growth stocks make more sense to recoup money faster, could you rank these from strongest to weakest-(Potential for growth). Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on July 30, 2020

Q: Hi, could you please rank the Telcom companies from best to worst over the next 1-5 years with brief rationale. Also, how do you see the general outlook for the industry over this period? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Gary on July 27, 2020

Q: As you can see by my holdings in my TFSA ,I have been following your advice. I am way up on KXS and am letting it run. Down on BNS, GUD, SIS and SLF. I have full position to add. I am looking at either REAL, LSPD , WELL or XIT.
Would you add to BNS or SLF or add one of the ones I am looking at? Long term view 20 years.
Thanks, Paul

Read Answer Asked by Paul on July 15, 2020

Q: Hello 5i Team
Comparing Rogers Communications vs Shaw Communications - which is the better company for further growth and increased dividends? RCI-B increased its dividend slightly in 2018 and no previous increases since 2015. SJR-B last increased its dividend in 2016.
I already have equal weight positions in BCE, Shaw and Telus - I am looking for which company I should invest in to reach my desired portfolio percentage in the Communications Sector?
Should I look at the Cogeco family of companies instead of Rogers/Shaw?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on July 08, 2020

Q: I have these 13 stocks at equal weighting of approximately 5 percent each in my RSP, along with 35 percent in fixed income. Stock value of approx 1,300,000. Fixed income is approx 650,000. Cash 50,000. In your valued opinion, is the above stock selection diversified enough?, or are there other sectors I should be in. I am 69 and going to retire in the next year.

Read Answer Asked by Allan on July 07, 2020

Q: Hi, folks

What would be 2-3 picks to help diversify this portfolio?


Read Answer Asked by Robert on June 18, 2020

Q: could I get your opinion on the deal between Telus and Huwaei for their 5G equipment and do you think it could be detremental to their business,or is it something they could get out of and go with another supplier,also what percent is their health business to their overall business,thanks and use extra credits if needed

Read Answer Asked by Greg on June 03, 2020

Q: Can I have your opinion on 3 quite safe and high paying dividend stocks. I have 30k in a savings account at 2 % being taxed and I have room in my TFSA, but I really feel better with quality dividends rather than risk at this time.
Thanks, J

Read Answer Asked by JAMES on June 02, 2020

Q: In a portfolio where the priorities are capital preservation and some income, these 7 equities represent about 45% of the total value. The other 55% is in sadly low paying GICs. The TOU is a left over from more positive times with a very small weight and kept with a hope for natural gas. The other 6 have weights of about 3% (TD) to 10% (BCE). My question is about how these would hold up if we had a very significant downturn with re-test to recent lows (or lower) with a much more prolonged recovery; do these stocks have some resilience? Are the balance sheets sufficiently secure to see less of an negative impact? Is there sufficient diversification with these holdings? Thanks for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on May 25, 2020

Q: Hello Peter,
If you owned these as full-positioned laggards in your portfolio, but were also a patient, long-term investor and appreciated the dividends, which of the following would you currently hold, sell or add to at this time? FSZ, AW.UN, CSH.UN, T, EWJ, HCG, MX, KBL, APR.UN, ZPR, NTR, TECK.B and CN?

Read Answer Asked by James on May 25, 2020

Q: What do you think of Lincoln National? Is the dividend "safe", Do you see it moving back to a pre-Covid level, are there better choices.
And, what stocks do you see thriving in a low/negative environment?

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on May 22, 2020

Q: Can you please rank these stocks in terms of current valuations / market timing?
I am planning on purchasing 2 or 3 over the next few weeks and am wondering where to start.


Read Answer Asked by Evan on May 19, 2020

Q: Hello 5i team,
Thank you for your help today- what Iím hoping to get some perspective on is tactics one could do to grow a portfolio- what youíd think wise or stupid, please.
In TFSA, two holdings happen to be up: AQN by 35% and NPI by 21%. Everything else is in the minus by -30 to -35% due to the current situation as generally theyíre ok businesses, like two banks, phone co, etc.
Tactically, would it be an idea to sell the two that are up, and buy a few which are quite down now, then in due course replace what was sold?
I was thinking of more banks like BNS or BMO, and PPL, CNQ,SU, and KEY.
The idea being that the gains over time would be more than the growth in price of the two being sold, thus netting an overalL growth in funds.

In RRSP, two are close to break even, just a couple hundred dollars each in the red, namely T and NA.
If sold, I was thinking of BIP, BPY, and maybe SU, CNQ, and BMO- fairly similar to the TFSA idea.

I like dividends, I know SU just reduced; Iíve not heard if these others have/plan to. I think Iím fine with a 3-5yr estimation of recovery period for these Ďdowní stocks, if you think thatís likely.

Iíd appreciate your counsel on this, thanks very much!

Read Answer Asked by Hilary on May 13, 2020

Q: Given that my Margin account has the 5 big banks and 2 Telecoms paying dividends on a periodic basis and that I'm not "too" concerned that these will cut their dividends, would it be wise to implement trailing stop loss orders for these in case there is another retest of the lows of March. Had I done that at the beginning of the year, I could have picked up the above at much reduce prices with resulting greater dividend yields. And would using the same procedure for my RIF account (which has mainly REITs) be beneficial to capture the current values to avoid further losses there.
Your comments. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Brian on May 04, 2020