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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you suggest some good options in this sector. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by gary on April 29, 2022

Q: Hi,

I am interested in $Cdn ETFs that are designed for inflation and where the underlying securities have pricing power? If any, do you have a favourite? If you have a favourite, the reasons why?

Many Thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Derek on February 15, 2022

Q: As per your team Industrials, tech and materials/energy can be decent sectors in times of inflation.

Can you please recommend USA & Cdn ETF that you would consider holding in each above sector.

Thanks for the great service.

Read Answer Asked by Hector on January 25, 2022

Q: Hello Peter,
With rising rates, it seems that banks, commodities and industrials do well. Can you please suggest some etfs in Canada that would take advantage of those sectors? For the banks, i am thinking xfn and zeb but unsure of the others. Also, the US banks are taking small hits. Do you think canadian banks will follow suit or are they very different? Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on January 19, 2022

Q: A few weeks ago I asked about the virtues of owning XLE vs XEG. I ended up buying 5 postions in the following: TOU, KEL, WCP, ARX, TVE. Energy is now 3.5% of my overall portfolio.

My question is the following: for US exposure: may you please provide me your highest conviction name. If you had to chose between this US energy name an DIS for a total return in the next twelve months, which of the two would you side with?

Also, for the next twelve months, what portfolio allocation to energy would you deem optimal, given the current macro environnement?

Thank you and please deduct credits as you see fit.

Read Answer Asked by karim on January 18, 2022

Q: For energy exposure, would you have a preference for CAD or US companies.

I am considering XLE vs XEG. Which would you prefer? Would a combination of both be preferable ? Im open to other ETFbs suggestions.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by karim on January 12, 2022

Q: I know you generally recommend 10% as a maximum weighting for the energy sector. However my weighting in my unregistered Canadian cash account is now 32% because I followed Eric Nuttall and got in early. I am reluctant to sell for two reasons. One, I would face very substantial capital gains taxes. Two, I believe there is considerable further upside. I am a senior and my question is: is there any practical way of protecting these gains apart from significant selling? I would appreciate Peter's advice.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on January 09, 2022

Q: Hello 5i team:

At this particular time, which ETF do you think worth buying? US based XLE or Canadian based XEG? Is there a ETF based on Europe or the rest of the world?

Will you underweight or overweight energy in one's portfolio? I know in the US energy doesn't play a big role. But in Canadian index, they do.

Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on December 07, 2021

Q: Hello folks:

Trying to understand the fees and performances for these ETFs. How come the fees for HXE is so low?! 0.27 as opposed to 0.61 for XEG? and ZEO and of course 1.50 for Ninepoints.(Understandable as it is active mgmt ETF and has a lot of turnover) On fees alone HXE ought to be a winner, no? Yet the results according to the websites don't reflect this...HXE only marginally better compared to XEG. ZEO lags so much. Am I missing something here?

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on November 16, 2021

Q: I am looking to offset some capital gains received this year from PEO and PHO (thanks!). Currently I have the following holdings in a loss position, in order of dollars down: TDOC, TV, XBC, HAL, XEG, NFI, SQ, TECK.B, XTC, WELL, ENGH, PLTR. I would need to sell the first six to fully offset the gain, or could sell more if using those in a smaller loss position. How would you rank these holdings in order of selling, and which of these would you look to buy back after 30 days (if any)? Note that these are held within a broad portfolio that I am also looking to consolidate.

Read Answer Asked by Dale on November 15, 2021

Q: Hi Peter and team:
This is both a macro and micro question. Energy sector is hot and when I see you are tweeting a response to Eric Nuttal's exuberance, then I know I have to take notice!

When you gaze into your crystal ball, :) how much more upside do you see in the energy sector? Assuming energy has a ways to go yet, do you think it is going to be propelled by large caps or mid/small caps? Is it easy to play this rally via XEG or ZJO?
Or read your Q&A and buy an assortment of large and mid/small caps? I know you have consistently favored U/ENB for example.
Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on November 09, 2021

Q: Recently I sold units in FID6000 in my grandson's RESP because of its poor year to date performance and high MER. We did book an overall gain of 130% over a 3 year period. The RESP account owns a variety of income producing positions. that have modest gains. I am looking to invest in something growth oriented, with maybe a 3 to 5 year horizon ahead. I am considering splitting between one or two ETFs listed above and possibly TOI. Do you expect further growth from TOI?. Opinions on ETF's please. Moderate risk OK. Canadian currency only account.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on November 04, 2021

Q: Hi Team,
Could you suggest Canadian ETFs of the following sectors for Senior incomes :
1 /Reit 2/ Utility 3/Prefer 4/Bank/Financial 5/Energy.
Please deduct as many question credit as needed.
Thanks as always,

Read Answer Asked by Tak on October 12, 2021