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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I own this stock and should sell it as I watch your seminar which was very good on picking a stock but not sure what I should replace it with? From your growth portfolio which stock would choose and from the balanced portfolio which would you choose ?

Read Answer Asked by on April 12, 2019

Q: Hi Peter,
I've just become a member of 5i Research so trying to determine a few stocks to start buying into. TOY has always intrigued me and based on the recent weakness and your answers to recent questions on the company seems good for new money for a long term horizon. What other 2-3 names would you consider for new money. 3 year term horizon, don't mind short term volatility. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Aleem on March 18, 2019

Q: Looking to purchase a position in something (sector or weight not important) with good growth potential over 2-5 years looking for both US and CDN opportunities. Two names popped up recently on my radar TRQ and Chemtrade . Realize that both are completely different and would like your opinion on both and recommendations of 3-4 alternatives. Feel free to deduct credits as required.

Read Answer Asked by Alex on March 15, 2019

Q: I own all of the stocks in the Balanced and Income portfolios across my RRSP, TFSA and RESPs with the exception of those listed above. Based on current valuations and 3-5 year prospects, which one would you choose to put a recent RRSP contribution to work?

Read Answer Asked by Chris on March 14, 2019

Q: I own all of the above in roughly equal weights in my TFSA. I am attempting to replicate your Balanced Equity Portfolio. I am also trying to get more defensive. I think I am overweight in the Info Tech sector. I am looking at a 5 year hold. I have cash to buy another position. What would your advice be - hold the cash or make a purchase. If purchase what would be your recommendation for defensive position?

Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Ron on February 22, 2019

Q: My wife and I are 66 years old. We each have a TFSA which we are trying to maximize. These would be the last two accounts we would ever take money out of. Our children are the beneficiaries so these are long term accounts - hopefully! We each have RRSPs and share a non-registered account we use for income. We don't have any fixed income but do have enough cash to last us 3 years. No pensions, but are quite diversified in a number of blue chip stocks.

Between the two of us we have PHO, SIS, TOY, BNS, TSGI. None of which has been very good lately but we are patient. We have enough money for two more positions, and think it would be prudent to add two, more stable, names. OTEX, BOYD, GC ? Suggestions?

Read Answer Asked by Bryan on February 07, 2019

Q: I would like to add to one of these stock positions in the balanced portfolio. Which is your pick today?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on January 28, 2019

Q: Hi there, I own both TSGI and GC in a well diversified portfolio. I'm up 12% on GC, but down 50% on TSGI. I don't mind holding if there is still good potential, but I'm wondering if there's anything else out there with better short term recovery potential while I wait for things to turn in Star's favour. I'm risk tolerant and any size or sector is fine.

Read Answer Asked by Rick on January 21, 2019

Q: All the above is what I have in portfolio with equal weightings. I purchased all stocks 1 year ago. I am down on all except for SHOP and BYD. TOY is Down the most. Do you recommend to sell any of these stocks? What new stock would you recommend to add to a tfsa for growth?
Please deduct credit as you feel appropriate.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by D on January 16, 2019

Q: I’m looking for some income and some growth. Assuming proper diversification, how would you rank these?

Read Answer Asked by Alan on January 02, 2019