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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Ignoring risk, please rank these companies based on 5 year hold -potential for returns.

Read Answer Asked by Pradeep on March 16, 2021

Q: Hi Folks,
I am looking to update my RRSP - I currently hold PG, TD, BNS, MFC, ABBV, PFE, T, BCE, AQN, BIP.UN, ENB - I am thinking of swapping PG with Verizon ( or can you suggest another with a dividend ) to add some "torque".

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on March 12, 2021

Q: For new money to top up my income portfolio holdings per above. How would you rank if buying today based on valuation and future growth (revenue, earnings,dividends)
Please also rank the sectors (banks, insurance, utilities, telecom ). Thank-you.

Read Answer Asked by Albert on March 08, 2021

Q: Hi Everyone at 5i! I am thinking of adding more dividend players to my tech heavy TFSA, just to start balancing things out a bit. I was thinking of adding Manulife and Atco...they seem cheaper, have some growth prospects and raise their dividends yearly ( though albeit, manulife ran into some problems a while back. ) Are my proposed additions decent selections? Cheers, Tamara

Read Answer Asked by Tamara on January 19, 2021

Q: Hello, I am currently rebalancing my portfolio and would like to exit a position in Financials to increase in other underallocated sectors. To help with my research, how would you rank MFC and GWO for a longer term hold (e.g. RRSP) and any other attributes/parameters that are important to look at?

Thanks for all you do?

Read Answer Asked by Brad on January 18, 2021

Q: Is the financial sector good value at these levels ?
I'm a little concerned investing new money in the banks as rising prices have brought valuations to pre-pandemic levels. Insurance companies not yet there, may be the better value.

Read Answer Asked by Albert on January 18, 2021

Q: Happy New Year Peter and the 5i team! Thank you for another year of useful steady independent information flow to guide 5i members.

I am considering adding 5 large-cap or mid-cap Canadian sustainable dividend growth stocks that are currently under-valued in unloved sectors and now yielding at least 3%. MFC and SU stand out. What is your opinion about both as medium risk investments over the next 3-5 years?

In addition, please indicate your 3 best stock alternatives, and 3 best ETFs, in the medium risk large cap or mid-cap Canadian space with a solid record of dividend growth.

I realize this is a broad request so please deduct points as you deem appropriate.

Read Answer Asked by SG on January 04, 2021

Q: For my financial sector I currently hold ZEB and while the monthly dividends are nice on a timely basis, the MER is relatively high. So I am looking at breaking in down into 3 or 4 individual stocks. Would please rank the financial companies listed above for performance. Please include others I may have missed.

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on December 16, 2020

Q: I am an income investor who has held MFC for years. Just breaking even on price but reasonable return on dividend.

Thinking of switching to either GWO or SLF. GWO has a higher dividend but SLF may have more growth potential.

For safe sustainable retirement income what would be your preference or do you have other suggestions. I recognize that a combination of growth and income can be just as good.


Read Answer Asked by Dave on November 26, 2020

Q: Good day,
I have built my daughter's RRSP with your wise direction. She is up 15 to 25% on BAM;EMA;FTS;L;OTEX;RY; BEP and RBF 1030.(My choice) Wonderful. Thank you. We are down in descending order on ENB;CSH;BCE and MFC.

Overweight in Utilities and Financials but okay with that.

Would you add to the latter group? Add any new ones.

Looking forward to Peter on BBN Tuesday.

Long term 25 years+. Many thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 16, 2020

Q: I have accumulated far to many Insurance stocks over the years and need to trim a couple. Which of the above companies do you think offer the best capital appreciation over the long term?

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on October 08, 2020

Q: Why is the market not liking these two companies? Both established large cap companies, limited growth but why so unloved if interest rates will remain low for years to come? I have to admit Iím staying away from these two due to terrible price momentum. Both have lost money if held the past 5 years.

Read Answer Asked by Albert on September 18, 2020